Nail Polish Of The Day: Nubar Ruby (Pictures and Review)

Hello Monday!  Today I am wearing Nubar's Ruby.  It is a shimmery, glass-fleck type polish and it is pretty amazing.  Do you know that since I began this blog in January, this is only the 2nd red that I have reviewed?  I just tend to go for purples and pinks more than reds.  Hmm.  Interesting, huh?  :D  Well I guess not that fascinating, but thought I'd share!
Nubar polishes are amongst the absolute best formula wise.  They flow on effortlessly and dry fast.  I flippin' love them!!
On to the pics:

It leans sorta pink in these photos, but in real life it is more of a true red.  I need to use this for a pedicure asap!  

What do you think of this red?


  1. I don't wear reds that often either, but when I crave a red, it's usually one that looks like this! I STILL haven't bought any NUBAR polishes; my money keeps magically being spent elsewhere and I'm left wondering where it all went, but someday I'll place an order!

    Oh, and this is unrelated, but have you seen these polishes? They're like the flakies Hidden Treasure or 2010, but glitter instead- http://www.thepolishaholic.com/2011/05/kleancolor-chunky-holo-bluebell.html

    I bought 4 of them on eBay for under $9 with free shipping and I'm super excited to get them.

  2. oooo this is so pretty ... borderline tasty looking :D

  3. Jessi, I can't wait to see those! OMGz!

    Loodie, thanks ;)