New Sally Hansen Nail Polish for Fall: Pumpkin Spice

Yay!  I get so excited when I see new polish displays set up for Fall.  Here is a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish named "Pumpkin Spice".  This polish has a sheer black base with burnt orange glitter mixed in. Very Halloweeny, but I decided I had to try it TODAY!  It reminds me of this Betsey Johnson bag (the bronze one, not the pink...although that one is lovely too)  that I keep passing in Nordstrom and really want...(in person, the sequins are much more warmer toned, which is why it reminds me of this polish).   I need to somehow justify to myself how many sequined purses I possibly need to own....hmmmp....I can't help it!  They call to me.

I layered Pumpkin Spice over OPI's Onyx for these pictures:

Whatcha think?
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  1. Oooh that's gorgeous! I'll have to get someone to pick it up for me, I wish Sally Hansen was available over here!

  2. Everyone has come across the new Sally Hansen fall colors, but I've yet to see them in my area. I'm keeping a look out for 'em

  3. That is so pretty! I like how well the orange glitter shows up and isn't covered by the black. I guess because they base is on the sheer side. But over a black base you can't even tell it's sheer! Were there any other polishes from the Fall collection that looked worth buying?

  4. Gorgeous! I hadn't seen a full swatch of this yet!

  5. Stunning! And even though there's hints of Halloween, it's still very Fall appropriate....and sexy! Then again, it could be because it looks so amazing on you!

  6. Lillian, where are you again? We need to get you some...stat!

    Pixie, I feel like my store never has them, but I lucked out this time!

    Jessi, they had a few awesome looking glitters....they reminded me of the type OPI has been putting out lately (think Serena Williams duos)

    Cilucia....thanks :)

    Eugenia, oooh...I'll take 'sexy' ;-) Thanks my friend! xo

  7. Hey hun! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and the follow :) I am following you back! Which nail salon do you work at in Portland?! I am in NEED of a manicure :)

    xoxo Denise


  8. Sooo awesome. I am so ready for fall and more fall colors ... oh AND F this heat!