New Sally Hansen Nail Polish For Fall: Set The Stage

Here is another color from Sally Hansen's newest fall display of  "Xtreme Wear" nail polishes...Set The Stage is a gold glitter and I was so sure that it would be comparable to OPI's Spark de Triomphe.  I took it home fully expecting to do a side by side "dupe" comparision.  But my memory was playing tricks on me because when I pulled out both to compare, I realized they are NOTHING alike.

This was 2 coats of OPI and 3 of the Sally Hansen:

As you can see, Spark de Triomphe is much denser than Set the Stage.

I decided to layer "Set The Stage" over Essie's "Allure" for my full manicure....

(2 coats of Allure and 2 coats of Set the Stage)

I was so sure that I would be trading away my OPI, but I guess I need to keep both of these ;-)

There are a few more glitters from Sally Hansen's fall displays that I really want to try.  Have you found these near you yet?

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  1. While this Sally Hansen is pretty, I still think you should hold on to your OPI. The beauty of Set The Stage, is that for someone hesitant to commit to full-on glitter, this will work as it's subtle enough to add some bling without looking overpowering. Your swatches & photos are awesome as always, Maribeth!

  2. Thanks Eugenia! I love the OPI one...it is just so cool. Set the Stage is definitely 'glitter-lite' ;)

  3. I think both are gorgeous, but Set the Stage seems better for layering when you want the base colour to show through.

    Thanks for doing comparison swatches! :)
    - Mary

  4. Ugh, I haven't bought any good nail polishes in such a long time. I'm missing out on all these great collections! I was hoping these two would be dupes!

    Oh, and your nails are getting so long! Are you doing anything special to keep them strong?