Tarte For True Blood Limited Edition Palette (Pictures and Review)

Aaaah Sundays....my favorite part of Sunday is watching True Blood.  When I saw that Tarte had recently come out with a new True Blood themed palette, I started getting that itch.....you know, when you want something but have no real good reason to actually buy it?  Did I really need anymore eyeshadows?  Hmmm.  I tried to talk myself out of it, but it would not go away.  I had to go to Sephora and just check it out in person...you know, just to see that I didn't need it, right?  Wrong.  I went to Sephora and the sales lady helped me find it.  We swatched the colors together and it was love....True love....hahaha, ok that was corny.  But since it was my birthday, I decided there was no better excuse than to indulge...

Here are some pics, and an eye look I did with the palette:

The packaging is unbelievably cute.  A faux leather corset design, c'mon.....how adorable.  It also comes with a look card entitled, "Glamour Me".

Inside there are 17 eyeshadows, all named for "Trueby" things.  The set also come with a mini primer, a mini mascara, and a full size "EmphasEYEs" Gel Liner.  The palette has a mirror inside as well.
***Click on pictures to enlarge***

You can sorta see the blue shimmer in "Nocturnal" ...so cool.  I love "Glamour Me" as well...

"Immortal" and "Moss" were patchier than I would have liked...although I forgot to use primer on my skin before doing these last 5 swatches, so that probably would've helped :/

This gel liner was a surprise to me.  I loved it!  It is so smooth and glides so easily.  I would definitely buy this again!

You also get the mini primer:
 And a mini mascara:

In these pictures I used "Waitress" all over my lid, "The Light" on my browbone, and "V" in my crease.  "V" is my favorite and the main reason I wanted this kit.

Natural light:

So after all that, I am glad I bought this. This kit has everything- neutrals, mattes, and glimmers, with a few *pops* of color thrown in.  I love the True Bloodiness of this kit and I would buy it again in a second! :)


  1. Love the look you did! :) I soo want that palette.

  2. Ah! Happy belated birthday!! I'm ashamed to admit that I have never seen True Blood. I'm weird and like to wait for a series to be over and watch all the seasons in like a week.

    The palette is super pretty! And while I don't need this one or the new Urban Decay 15th anniversary one, I'm torn over which to pick!