Zoya Pandora plus OPI Servin Up Sparkle

Here is today's nail polish combo: Zoya Pandora, from the recently released "Touch" collection, is one of my current favorites.  I love it so much, that I keep trying to come up with different ways to wear it, since I feel lazy if I just keep wearing the same color over and over.  Enter OPI's Servin Up Sparkle.  This was the sparkle topcoat from the Serena Williams Glam Slam duo that came with "Grape...Set...Match".  I put this on top and I am liking the outcome:

I love the holo bits in Servin Up Sparkle.  They totally make the polish.  Hmmm...what else can I do to Pandora?  I feel like I am craving neutrals, but I don't want to wear the same thing over and over.  Any suggestions?

<3 MB


  1. Very sparkly! Lovely!

  2. Hey Love! Email me at Kristine@hungryfishmedia.com-- I would love to have you do a product review, but I can't find your email anywhere! =) I hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Maribeth, what a wonderful como; the delicate nude with the blingy-bling on top....I love it! It doesn't hurt that your swatches are so fab and your nails so pretty! Awesome idea!