China Glaze Midtown Magic Fall Nail Polish Pictures and Review

Hay!  How's your Wednesday going?  I just put China Glaze's new fall shade, "Midtown Magic" on and thought I'd share.  I picked this up a week or so ago and immediately gave myself a pedicure with it.  I have to say, on my toes, it's just "meh".  Nothing special.  It looks just plain dark brown/black.  I decided to give a shot on my nails and I am happier with it now.  You can see that the base of this color, while looking very black, is actually a super deep burgandy, blackened-brown shade.  Then there are bronzey gold glitter flecks mixed in throughout.  If I had to give you the first description that came to mind, I'd call this, "sparkly brownie batter".  (There I go again with the food references!)

Here, I offer you an over abundance of photos of this polish in hopes of giving you an idea of what it's really like:

Double click on this one to check out the shimmer!

I think I like this.  I am sort of on the fence.  It's pretty, but when it comes to darkened shades like this, my favorite in recent memory has got to be Nubar Raspberry Truffle.  While these are different, do I really need both?  Hmmm....who am I kidding?  I will hoard this, at least for a little while.

What is your favorite almost-black, but not quite black, polish for fall?


  1. Oh that is just gorgeous! I love the glittery flecks. I like a classic rouge noir style colour for my almost-black shades :)

  2. Loving this. Does it have any similarity to the Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice you did?

  3. What is wrong with me?? I have this one and haven't tried it yet.

    This is freakin' gorgeous on you!!!!!

  4. I don't like brown but the glittery specs make this color gorgeous.


  5. Lillian, thanks so much!

    Lynds, it has an overall similar effect, but they are really nothing alike. Pumpkin Spice is sheer (I had to layer it over black) and Midtown Magic is very much opaque. They both give off that Autumn vibe well though!

    Kimberly, get on that...now!! :)

    pureJeanius, the specs definitely are my fav part!!

  6. ....there we go with that Cancerian ESP thing again! I'm still playing catch-up from my vacation, and finally got around to swatching this collection! From the 12 shades, I have to confess that this one is probably my favourite I didn't try it as a pedi, but I do love the way it looks as a mani. On you, it looks absolutely spectacular! I know how much you love the nudes & neutrals, but I love these moodier shades on you just as much!

  7. Marisa, thanks so much!

    Eugenia, I love that we are not only ruled by the same planets, but also the same polishes ;) Can't wait to see the collection on you! I just know I will find more than one I will need after seeing them all on you!

  8. Sparly brownie batter really hits spot on for the coloring! I like it.. but I haven't seen these out yet at the cosmoprof I go to. :-(