CND Sweet and Sugar Sparkle Colour/Effects Duo Pictures and Review

I have slowly but increasingly become just slightly obsessed with Creative Nail Design's Colour & Effects duos.  There is usually one release every season, and in the past I have picked up one or two, but just sort of lost track of them.  I am now on an all out hunt to track down every one I have missed (the recent Spring release of "Flesh Forward" comes to mind).  Imagine my complete and utter excitement when I was wandering around my beauty supply today and found this duo from last Spring (2010) sitting on a lonely shelf!
This duo consists of a bright pink Colour called "Sweet" and a flaky (did you hear me?  FLAKY!) glitter Effect called "Sugar Sparkle".

I love CND's colour line because in most cases, you can easily get away with one coat of polish.  I only did one (slow and steady) coat in these pictures of "Sweet", which is borderline neon in real life.  I really like this color:

Then I added one coat of the "Sugar Sparkle" effect.  This truly does look like sprinkled sugar on top of candy:

Nothing makes my day more than finding a "hard to find" or "limited" product like this when I am least expecting it.

What do you think of this duo?  I am seriously infatuated with CND lately.  (Here is the last CND duo I blogged about),  If anyone knows where to get these easily, please let me know :)  I'm obsessed!

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  1. Love this on you! I wish I could wear more pinks, but most just don't work on me, they make my hands look dirty. =X I keep saying I'm gonna start getting some of the CND Effects... one day!

  2. I'm in the same boat as Noelie. I find it hard to pull off a lot of pinks. I must not be choosing the right tones of pinks.

    This pink looks great on you, and I love the flakie polish you layered on top of it. I haven't tried any of these CND Effects, but the more I see them in action, the more I'm really interested!

  3. This looks really gorgeous together Maribeth! The Sugar Sparkle sort of reminds me of Orly Winter Wonderland, which is one of my favorite polishes ever.

    Have you ever bought any polishes from Transdesign? I've ordered from 3 times total and have always been happy with everything. They do sell the CND Colors and Effects. I'm not sure how much they normally are, but they sell them for $4.50 for the colors and $5.50 for the effects. I need to pick some up with my next order!

    This is the website- http://transdesign.com/

  4. Noelie, You must try them....you will fall in love for sure :)

    Mary, I think this pink would look great on you! It is surprisingly wearable :)

    Jessi, I found Transdesign and they have the stuff I want, but they want like $12 for shipping.....:( I hate shipping charges!! hahaha I am definitely going to bite the bullet if I can't find them nearby....I want everything!!

  5. Ugh, I accidentally shut the page before I posted my comment!

    I was going to say that the prices on the polishes are a lot cheaper than say Ulta or something, so the price with shipping probably comes out to around the same price as retail. Or you could just buy a bunch on polishes to justify the high shipping! ;)