Essence Blossoms Etc...Nail Polish Collection

Today I picked up the rest of the Essence Spring nail polish trio, "Blossoms Etc...".  I had previously tried just the turquoise one, but these were on sale today so I needed to complete my set!

"I Like" was the first one I tried from this series and had reviewed previously (when my nails were SUPER short!).  It is a creamy aqua and has a subtle shimmer to it that is just fab:

Next is "Forget Me Not", a pretty periwinkle with a blue shimmer mixed in:

And lastly is "Bloom-a-loom", a sweet candy lilac:

Essence is really the best of both worlds: great formula/colors combined with an excellent price (they were under $2 each!).  Have you seen this collection?  If you run into it, definitely snatch one (or all three!) up....I am so glad I did.

Have a fantastical week!
<3 mb


  1. 'I Like' is the one that I love!! Lol!! Seriously, it's such a sweet aqua without being too sugary, and that shimmer? Absolutely lovely! I will go on the hunt now to track one down for myself! Thanks, my friend!!

  2. These are so pretty and we've not heard of this brand before.
    We wanted to let you know about our giveaway going on. We hope you enter!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. @Eugenia, It really is such a pretty color! I was surprised at how much I liked all 3.

    @Jayme & Mendi, I only discovered Essence this year! They have them at my grocery store (which always does me in....I feel the need to pick up "just one" while filling up my food cart), but Ulta carries them as well!

  4. I always look for these whenever I'm somewhere that has Essence just because of your first post about "I Like". And I finally found it! But I Like was the only one they had. The name cracks me up because it reminds me of Borat. The video is terrible quality, but it's all about the "I like!"