Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Break Through with Nubar Dewdrop

Ah, Essence!  99 cents each, how can you really go wrong?  I love these little fast dry polishes.  "Break Through" is a plummy purple that looks very cool in these photos, but leans towards the warm side in real life:

I was in a glittery mood, so I added Nubar's Dewdrop on top.  Dewdrop is a strange glitter.  It dries very flat and the glitter is not particularly shiny until you put a top coat on it, then it comes alive!

What do you think?  I love buying these Essence polishes.  They work well, dry fast, and are cheap.  What more could you ask for? 



  1. I love the Essence polishes too! They are cheap and amazing! :)

  2. I need MORE Essence polishes. I am going by an ULTA today and plan on picking up a few to take with me on vacation. I like this color on you. I like the dew drop too but I have so many glitters at this point that dewdrop does not stand out to me as much as I think it normally would.
    BTW I picked you for a blog award. You can check my blog to see it. I usually would not do the chain blog thing but I thought this was a nice way to get some blogs out there. Plus I shared your link with a bunch of ladies on some facebook nail groups.

  3. Kim, thanks!

    Chelsea, you are awesome :) That is all....!

  4. Hey! Can you believe I actually don't own any of the regular line of the Essence polishes, just a few of the limited edition ones? Crazy, I know. I guess they are really popular because there are hardly any polishes in any of the Essence displays I see. Break Through is gorgeous! Everyone else must think so, too, because I have never seen it in the display!