Essence @Holographics.com "Gagalectric" Holographic Nail Polish Pictures and Review

Essence has a new, limited edition collection out called, "@Holographics.com".  I picked up one of the polishes from the collection called, "Gagalectric".

Now, when I think of holographic nail polish, I picture larger glitter type polishes.  This one is clearly not that type.  It is more of what most nail polishes addicts refer to ask "duochrome" or "mulitchrome".  This color is a soft lavender with a strong blue flash and a tad of green mixed in.  I tried like hell to capture the sweet blue/green but alas, it was difficult to show.  I will need to try again tomorrow in daylight, because although not overtly "holographic",  it truly is a cool effect:

 I used 2 coats of my Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat to make this more opaque.  This base coat goes on a sheer white :

And I did 3 coats of this polish here:

There is also an amazing navy blue polish in this collection that I think I need to go back and get!  Like I said, this is not what comes to mind when I think of holographic nails, but nonetheless, it is a pretty lacquer!
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  1. It's very pretty but I agree, I definately wouldn't call it holographic.

  2. Haha, Essence always has the worst collection names. Even though this is far from holographic, the blue flash is gorgeous. I hope I find this collection soon!

  3. It is pretty, and it also looks good on you (duh! everything looks good on you!), but holographic? Ummmm....I don't see it, and that's not because of your pictures - I don't even see it in the bottle. Apart from that, this is a very feminine shade, and I like it!