Essie Fall 2011 Collection: Very Structured, Power Clutch, Carry On, and Lady Like Pictures and Review Plus a Comparison

I picked up a mini set of Essie's new fall collection this week.  These 4 colors are all cremes and are perfect for fall!  I was really surprised at some of them....I thought I would not care for them at all, but once they were on, I fell in love.

First up is "Very Structured", which totally reminds me of that Crayola crayon named 'Burnt Sienna'....remember that one?  This was the one imparticular that I thought I would hate, but wound up loving.  It glided on like melted chocolate...(I seem to use that frame of reference every time I am carb deprived):

Then we have "Power Clutch" next.  This one is a dark green mixed with a slate gray.  Very pretty and very 'now':

Here is "Carry On", a deep, dark, vampy brownish-wine shade.  There are probably similar colors out there, but this one feels new somehow:

And lastly we have "Lady Like".  I loved this one, but then again you may know of my love for neutrals by now, so that would be no surprise.  I have thrown in a comparison at the end of this one....it reminded me of Essie's "Demure Vixen" a tad:

And here are the comparison shots of Demure Vixen VS Lady Like (I like how the names kind of go together too...ha!)
 In the bottle, they look EXACTLY the same, however once on you can see the differences. Demure Vixen is more sheer and has a shimmer to it.  Lady Like is WAY more opaque....for both swatches, I only used 2 coats and you can see they are similar, but way different:

I think Lady Like is my favorite!  I love all 4 though, and now I think I need to try the other 2 from the collection (does that really surprise you?  Hoarders need it ALL!).

Which one catches your eye?


  1. How fabulous these look on you!!!

  2. Oh, I bet Lady Like would look nice with one of those CND effects polishes layered over it. It's funny how close in color it is to Demure Vixen. I wonder if they just used the same color, but made it more pigmented and left out the purple shimmer?

  3. Jessi, I totally want to CND Effect all of these! Hahaha....thats what cremes do to me- make me want to jazz them up! Seriously, Demure Vixen and Lady like look like they were made from the same base...they are SO close, but different!

  4. Two things.

    1. Carry on is my favorite. I need it now. Thanks.
    B. Love the signature!

  5. Ah, Maribeth my lovely.....love all of these! You and I are doing our "Cancerian" thing again; I was just putting my finishing touches on the Essie Fall Collection as well! Can you believe?! I don't know if you saw the other two shades, but they are beautiful and what can I say about the formula on all 6? Fantabulous! I love every single shade on you -- and while I know how much you love those neutrals, I have to say that Power Clutch looks so darn sexy on you!

  6. Lynds, you totally need Carry On! With your pale complexion, it will look amazing!

    Eugenia, Too funny!! I can't wait to see your pics! The formulas really were unbelievably awesome! I love Essie! (and exclamation points!!)

  7. I returned the youtube subscription favour! I didn't even know you had a channel, you sly girl you! (please let me know if I've just subscribed to some total stranger's channel...lol!)

  8. We are loving Essie's Fall Collection. Mendi has Case Study, Lady Like, Power Clutch and Glamour Purse.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. Out of this entire collection, I'm liking Lady Like the most, which is strange for me since I'm not usually a neutral-polish wearer. Wonder if this will work for me as well as it does for you.

    Excellent swatches! :)

  10. Jayme & Mendi, I really want Case Study and Glamour Purse now! I need to complete the Essie Fall family :)

    Mary, Thanks! And, you def need to try Lady Like! She would look fab on your skin tone!

  11. I loved this post!! I am following you definitely! I wish you would post, how you look with "case study" and "glamour purse"! :)

    -Andrea J. (Thank you!!)

  12. Andrea, I am SO getting them this weekend! I can't wait to try them!! Thanks for following!! xox