Julep Maven "Sneak Peek" Nail Polish Box: Zoe and Samantha Pictures And Review

I'm officially a "Julep Maven".  By now you may have heard of this cute company based out of Seattle, Washington.  They are a chain of nail salons and also have their own line of polish!  They offer this deal (Julep Maven) where you sign up for what is basically a nail polish of the month type club, only way cooler. First they have you take a "style" quiz...then based off of your style, they send you a "sneak peek" box of  polishes and treatments to try each month!  Each box comes with over $50 worth of stuff, but you only pay $19.99 per month.  The super awesome part (and the only reason I gave in and tried it!) is that they currently have a coupon code that allows you to order the first month for only $4.99.....are you serious?  I had to try it. (I will put the coupon code at the end of this post).  Another cool feature is that they give you a discount for referrals.  If you use my link, I will receive a $15 credit (you know you want to give it a whirl... wink wink).  I will also put the link (and code) at the bottom of this post in case you want to try them after seeing my pics of these beautiful polishes! You can decide to keep getting your box each month, cancel if you don't like it, skip a month if you feel like it, or even choose to send it as a gift to a friend instead- such a great concept!

Anyway, I ordered my box late Tuesday night and received it today.  I was so excited that it didn't take long. I am only a state away from them (in Oregon!) so I was hoping that would be the case.

My box came through the regular mail.  Here are a few pics of the packaging:

Aw, a little ribbon!  So cute.

A hand signed note is included:

So when I took my "style quiz", I ended up being classified as  "Boho Glam" but I think I was accidentally sent another profile (looks like from a quick Google search, this set is the "Bombshell" set) and while I still love these colors, I think the Boho one is more me.  Hopefully next month's will be on track :)

My set this month included the following:
1 Base Coat
1 Samantha Nail Polish
1 Zoe Nail Polish
1 Full Size Glycolic Hand Treatment
and 2 samples of two other hand treatments

Here are the pics....Zoe is a burnt orange metallic and absolutely PERFECT for fall.  I don't have anything even close to this color:

Next is Samantha, a nearly eye-searing neon pink.  This one applied so easily:

Mmm, reminds me of a lollipop!

I used the Base Coat that was included in my box and really like it so far.  I also tried the glycolic "facial for your hands" scrub and loved it!

The thing I really enjoyed the most about my first Julep Maven experience is giving over the "control" of picking out a color myself and allowing them to do it for me.  These are colors I would never have tried on my own, but ended up loving!

So, if you are interested in giving them a try, here is the coupon code to get your first month's box for only $4.99:  smh9oxu  (***edited to add, looks like this code is now for half off your box, which is still awesome at $9.99***)

And if you want to do me a solid and use my link, I will get a credit and that would be way cool:  

There are also tons more benefits to signing up, such as free shipping on all orders and 20% off all purchases to name a few.
What do you think of this idea?  I am glad I gave Julep a try.  Their products have been impressive so far, and I am already anticipating what next month's sneak peek box will bring to my doorstep!



  1. I signed up last week just out of curiousity. I decided I needed too since the price was so cheap.I got american beauty so I can't wait to see and try them out =) I really like samantha!

  2. Miranda, I can't wait to hear what you think! I love the idea of this line :)

  3. I bought one using your link! Did it work? It didn't tell me anything when I signed up and I tried clicking your link several times. I hope you got the credit!

  4. Jessi, Yay! Thanks my friend! From what I read on their site, the credit will be emailed to me and it may take up to 7 days...I will let you know though :) I think you will really it! What "style" did you get?

  5. I love the neonish pink. Great pedi shade! I like really striking colors and that is one. Beautiful!

  6. I'm definitely going to try this out. Oh sister, why must you be such a bad influence on me?

  7. Oh hello Samantha- aren't you just the perfect summer colour!! Havent heard of that brand before but they look luxe and opaque and glossy - just the way I like it!