The Missing Link: Zoya Minka

When Zoya first came out with their trio of nudes (The "Touch" Collection) this Spring, I immediately ordered 2 of the 3 (Pandora and Shay).  The 3rd one, Minka, I was convinced would be way too yellow for me.

I have been entirely smitten with Pandora and Shay.  They are both completely awesome and I have worn them a ton since acquiring them (that is quite an accomplishment in my polish obsessed world!).  
I stopped by my favorite beauty supply last week and noticed they had the whole collection on display.  Having never actually seen Minka in person (just online) I was surprised at how pretty I thought she was and decided I needed to take her home and complete my trio.

See my original review of Pandora and Shay here.

Described by Zoya as a " pale, milky beige nude with yellow undertones and a hint of pearly silver shimmer."
 I was surprised by how nicely "Minka" looked once on....I didn't realize how much my skin leans towards the warm side:

No flash:

 And here are the other 2 from the collection for reference (watch out- SUPER short nails!):

And now for my new segment I like to call "Jeff Says", I interview my husband to get a guy's point of view on the color I am wearing:
Jeff says, "It reminds me of those leg things....what are they called?  They're sheer?  Pantyhose!".
There you have it.

I love all 3 so much, I cannot pick a favorite ;-)  Have you tried Zoya's Touch Collection yet?


  1. Minka really does suit you... but saying that, the other two look perfectly nice.. LOL! I haven't gotten any of these but I think I need to because so many people seem to love them.

  2. Lynds, I think you will totally not regret trying them! :)

  3. Hahah! Too funny from Jeff. I love this on you!

  4. Firstly, never ask your husband for colour descriptions: it's a sure bet that you'll hear something totally off the wall! (and I'm speaking from personal experience here!). Secondly, out of the three, I think my fave on you has got to be...Minka! Something about the colour reminded of milky coffee cream and it looks stunning on you! Have you tried mattifying this hue? I think it will make it so edgy!