Oldie But Goodie...CND "Night Factory" Set: Urban Oasis and Teal Sparkle

So, I bought this set by Creative Nail Design (CND) a year ago and tried it once.  I thought it was cool, but just threw it in my drawer and that was it.  In the meantime, we've moved cross country and lots of stuff got lost in the shuffle (do you believe I still have a few unpacked boxes here 10 months later???).  I completely forgot about this set until I re-stumbled across it and was hypnotized.

  Can I just say that I think CND is an under appreciated brand?  I don't think they get the attention they deserve.  Their newer lines consist of the "Colour" section (mostly cremes) and then their "Effects" category (these range from shimmers to sparkles to pearls) and each color in either category is labeled clearly on the bottle, "warm, cool, or neutral", so you get a very clear idea how the polish will behave. The possibilities are endless as far as combos go!  Pick your Colour and then pick your Effect and you are good to go! I also love the shape of their bottles, and the way they sort of "fit" together.  Their brush is a skinnier version of OPI's pro-wide....I absolutely love it.

Although the "Colours" and "Effects" are usually sold separately, the "Night Factory" duo came together and consists of Urban Oasis, a cool creme teal polish and Teal Sparkle, a cool glitter topcoat.

First I did one coat of Urban Oasis.  ONE COAT!!!  This polish covered PERFECTLY in ONE COAT!!  Ok, enough of my dramatics, but I am seriously in awe of how well this covers.  One slow and smooth coat and I had zero patchiness or drag or anything.  Perfection:

Then I simply added one coat of "Teal Sparkle" on top and was greeted by this stunning look (sorry, I went a little picture crazy!):

Sigh....I love this.  Like I said, this came out last year so I am not sure if you can still find it anywhere...but if you happen across this duo, be sure to snatch it up!! It does not disappoint :)

<3  Mb


  1. That combo is so gorgeous! I actually don't have any CND polishes, which I regret. Just like my lack of Nubar polishes. Ahhh, know what I just bought? I bought Chanel Peridot and Graphite. I'm not sure why I HAD to have them, but I hope I don't regret it! There goes my polish budget for the next million months.

  2. Like I mentioned in another post of yours, I love teal anything and this one kills me that it looks that good with just 1 coat! Seriously?! And the shimmer over it...ahhhh....gorgeous!! I'm off to hunt this pair down now!

  3. Hey thanks for the follow on my blog!~Just followed back!~Love the nail polish color...so pretty! Makes me want to look for this color next time I'm at the store! :)

  4. I really love CND, formula and brush, but am always a little disappointed in the colors. They bore me a little. The sparkle coats definitely help. I am also miffed that the bottles are so damn small. When they switched bottles, like a year or two ago, they made them smaller and raised the price ... not cool CND, NOT. COOL.

    Totally sorry for jacking the comments to a lot of your posts! I've been busy and need to make up for lost time :D

  5. Jessi, I cannot wait to see your Chanels!

    Eugenia, this would look absolutely fab on you!

    Makeup Fashion Love, thanks so much!

    Loodie, it does bug me that they are more expensive. Every $ counts! You know, I never paid attention to the size....that is totally NOT cool. I do love their bottle shape and brushes though. I tend to buy their "duos" because usually the colors are more interesting :) Also, I LOVE a good comment jacking!!!!! bahahahaaha :)