OPI Touring America: French Quarter For Your Thoughts Pictures and Review

Short & sweet tonight :)  I stopped by the beauty supply today to check out OPI's new Fall collection, "Touring America".  I instantly fell in love with this beautiful grey polish cutely named, "French Quarter For Your Thoughts".  It's grey, creamy finish is clean and shiny and perfect for Autumn:

And now for a male point of view. I asked my husband what he thought of this polish and he said, "It's cool.  It's like a greenish grey.  It looks like a dinosaur egg".  There you have it- dinosaur eggy goodness!

I am absolutely in love with this neutral! What do you think?  Have a fantastical weekend!
<3 MB


  1. I am so sad OPI's Touring America Collection bores me, but your awesome nails manage to make this cream look pretty darn hot!

    I love asking my hubs for opinions on nail polish colors. A typical response is, "oh that's nice", but once in a while a comment like the dinosaur one pops up. hahaha. Oh good times. See polish bring everyone joy! Yay!

  2. Loodie, I know...I was really sad (and happy) that I didn't feel the urge to buy the entire collection. There a few others I want to try, but nothing I *NEEDRIGHTNOW*!

  3. Haha about to the dinosaur egg comment! I always ask my boyfriend what he thinks, too. The other day I was wearing a pastel green and he told me it looked like toothpaste, haha.

    I really like this color. I was looking through my stash and realized I don't own a really nice grey!

  4. I LOVE this on you! I may be a fan of the more moodier shades of the colour spectrum, but you made this look so fresh, modern & chic! Your nails look amazing, Maribeth! :)

  5. Loving greige!! Loving this!! Was looking at the collection the other day and this is what stood out for me