OPI Touring America: Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window with Sally Hansen Crackle Pictures and Review

OPI!  Seriously with this name?  "Uh-Oh, Roll Down The Window" is from their new fall collection, "Touring America".  It is a camoflauge green creme, and is simply awesome.  I can get over the name I guess :)

So then I decided to try out my new Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Polish in "Antiqued Gold" on top.  I like that Sally H offers a gold version of this type of crackle polish, since OPI doesn't have one yet.

Before you look at my pics, can you help me answer a question I keep asking myself: 

I never love how they look, yet I continue to try them.  What the 'H' is wrong with me?

I like the color combo here, but the effect was just blah.  Some nails crackled better than others:

So there you have it; a beautiful OPI color with a yucky name, and a mediocre crackle topcoat. 
Thoughts on this combo?  How do you feel about crackle/shatter polishes? 
 Are they so over?  

I *heart* Portlandia ;)


  1. I sort of like crackle, mainly just because it's different from what I normally do. I don't care for the creme colored crackle though. All I have is the silver and the things I've done with it I like, but I'm not absolutely in love.

  2. Jessi, I am with you on the creme type crackles for sure....if anything I prefer the metallics. I just wish I LOVED them, you know? Ahahaha I am so difficult :P

  3. This OPI is one of my faves from this collection, and I really like the effect of the gold crackle over it; looks like rich brocade fabric! If your crackle polish isn't doing it's thing, either the polish itself is too blame, or else your base coat wasn't completely dry. My personal experience with these types of effects polishes is to let my base coat dry for close to 10 minutes (anywhere from 7-10) then apply a really thin coat of the crackle/shatter. You get more cracks and delicate veining that way. You can also try applying the crackle vertically or horizontally across your nails for a different look! China Glaze recently put out a gold crackle that is amazing! I love your swatches just the same :)