Orly Birds Of A Feather Fall Collection: Sea Gurl Nail Polish

Here is one more from Orly's new fall "Birds Of A Feather" collection.  Sea Gurl is a cool-toned, mocha shimmer polish.  I used 2 coat here, and I found the formula to be a little....weird.  Not bad, just strange.  It felt like it was drying while I was applying it, so it felt like it was dragging.  It was nearly impossible to do "thin" coats....thicker coats worked better:

I thought that this would be a very "basic" color, but I don't seem to have anything similar to it.  It is very pretty and neutral, but the dark shimmer gives it a kick.  A great alternative to black nails.

I really like the 2 Orlys that I picked up from this set....(Fowl Play reviewed here).  Have you tried any of these yet?

<3 MB


  1. This color seems really unique, and of course I want anything that I don't have when it comes to nail polish! I'll even put up with a weird formula. :) I'm sort of afraid to keep reading your blog because you make me want EVERYTHING and I'm trying to save money, haha.

  2. Hahah...please don't stop reading! ;) Is it normal to dream about nail polish? I have been big time lately. Oh and I am totally picking up WnW Petal Pusher because of YOU!

  3. Can't wait to see this collection IRL! Your nails make everything look great, too... :)

  4. Ooo this is a lot prettier than I thought it would be. I only picked up FP from this collection but I was thinking of going back and picking up a couple more.