Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "First Kiss" Nail Polish Pictures

Have you ever tried any of these Sally Hansens?  I always see the "Complete Salon Manicure" line and admire their bottles, then scoff at their price- nearly $8 bucks for a drug store brand??  Not happening.  But the planets aligned tonight and I found this one at Rite Aid on clearance, so I thought I'd give it a go.

"First Kiss" is a coral melon creme polish.  I did 3 coats here:

I liked the formula on this polish.  The brush was really interesting....super wide (even more so than an OPI prowide) and the bristles themselves were shorter than a typical polish brush.  I thought it would be sucktastic, but I thought it was pretty nice after all.

There you have it- my first ever Sally H. Complete Salon Manicure review.
Have you tried these yet?  Look for the Spring colors in your local Rite Aid clearance bin!


  1. Oh! Three of my favorite polishes are this brand! I have "Commander in Chic" which is like a beigy-dusty-purple, "Pat on the Black" which is a deep almost black maroon color, and "Shell We Dance" which is super neutral and I wear it all the time for work! I'll try to send you pics!

  2. ALSO- They have one named "Back to the Fucshia" which i need to get purely based on the name.

  3. Oooh.....send me pics for sure....I would've bought "Back To the Fucshia" solely based on the name also ;-)

  4. I also have "pedal to the metal" or something like that, But it looks like I painted my nails with white out, so I hate it.

  5. I just did my nails this color last night!!!! LOVE IT!

    xoxo Denise


  6. I've stated time & time again how I'm not really a "pink" gal...with very few exceptions. This one reminds me of a non-shimmery Morning Rose (by Chanel) and I must confess to absolutely loving the look of this! Of course, it's not helping that everything looks good on you which means that now I want it too!

  7. I love this line ! I have Sheer Me Now it is a sheer off white cream and it is very shiny and not streaky. My go to neutral.

  8. This color looks so pretty on you! I totally wish I had the skin tone to work this color, ugh, since these warm pinks are the prettiest! But I absolutely love First Kiss on your skin tone! :D

  9. just ordered this online. Waiting :) You have a great great blog!