Stages Of Beauty Harmony Treatment Cream Pictures and Review

Ok, here is a really cool concept for skin care: Stages of Beauty is a skin care line that targets your age to properly treat your skin. 

This line was designed around a woman's changing skin needs: in your 20's they have  the Radiance line that, "helps repair & rejuvenate your skin"; in your 30's, the Harmony line (mine) is designed "to fight fine lines & wrinkles while bringing younger more radiant skin cells to the surface"; in your 40's, the Elegance line "calms and hydrates the skin to help it regain elasticity, tone, and firmness"; and in your 50's and beyond, the Grace line, "provides intense hydration while balancing the effects of hormones and helping restore the skin's surface immunity."  They really have it all covered! 

I have been using the treatment cream from the "Harmony" line (for women in their 30's) for about 3 weeks now....before I get into that, I need to show you the box this stuff comes in.  I am a sucker for packaging and I believe I let out a little gasp when I opened mine....the presentation of this was just amazing:
Click on the photo to read the message from "The Box" 
Inside, there is a cute little message to you from "the box".  The treatment cream is nestled securely in a pile of crinkled paper.  There are little faux rose petals sprinkled inside the box as well (roses are the symbol for the "Harmony" line) that add such a sweet touch.  Like I said, I have a thing for packaging, so this just blew me away.

The cream comes inside a cylinder:
 The bottle itself is is elegant.  It's curvy and is made of frosted glass and is very sleek & sturdy feeling:

It has a pump style delivery system that dispenses just enough product (3-4 pumps is recommended):

So, was the product inside as good as the packaging was?   I am totally enjoying the contents of this bottle.  The cream itself is very luxurious and dense. I have a method for testing my moisturizers.  If they have obvious "peaks" that stand up firmly when squirted out, then I know I have a great one that will have supreme moisture retaining properties and stay "in place". 
See how dense 'Harmony' is?
The first thing I noticed when applying my treatment cream was that there was definitely a sensation on my skin immediately after applying it.  It was not harsh or overpowering (they are specifically formulated for sensitive skin), but the cream felt like it was doing something to my skin...like it was working!  I really enjoyed the way it felt.  I love that it was not greasy whatsoever. After using this for a few weeks now, I definitely noticed a certain new "glow" that my skin seems to have.  I caught a glimpse of my face in my car mirror at a stoplight the other day and found myself thinking, "whoa, my skin looks GOOD today!".  Then it dawned on me that my new cream was actually working :)

This line  is formulated without sulfates, parabens, or harsh chemicals.  They are also fragrance free and not tested on animals!

  The cream comes in 2 different sizes: 30ml for $52.99 or 50 ml for $74.99. In the past I would NEVER spend over $50 on one skin care item.  It was just something that was not happening.  After using this now, and seeing results that I am happy with, I am definitely rethinking my spending habits- should I buy tons more nail polish, or cut back and put that towards something like this that will help my skin in the long run?  I think being proactive about skin care is so important, and I will definitely be purchasing this in the future.  I am really itching to try the other products in the line now....there is a corresponding cleanser and scrub in each age section as well.  They also offer all 3 products sold together as a "system" and those seem to be a great deal (around $100 will get you everything).  You can go to their website to see which line works for you!  (They are also on  Facebook, and I noticed there that they now have a new serum available...  I am in trouble!).

Have you heard of this line before?  Tried it?  I would love to hear of other experiences with the other "ages" :)

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Disclosure: The product in this post was provided to me by the company for my unbiased consideration.  For more information, please read more under my "disclosure" tab.


  1. We have never heard of this but it looks and sounds amazing! As you know we are in our 30's as well and I'm at the the point if it works on my skin then I'll buy it even if it is a little pricey. I mean, I haven't bought La Mer yet because that's super expensive but this cream is great. Thanks for the great post!

    Jayme (& Mendi ) @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. I just ordered a sample from these guys. I'll keep you posted what it did for me.
    Being super "green" and "natural," I am always on the look for clean and effective cosmetics.
    If you, Jayme and Mendi, are looking for something new that is natural and effective, try Amazon Rain Lluvia line. I have been using it for the past 4 months and have my "crow" lines vanished. No BS, no chemicals, just clean Amazon-based ingredients. Impressed with it.
    And yes, I am going to try the Stages of Beauty, as they promise a guzzillion of benefits for our skin.
    Thank you, Maribeth for review!

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