Zoya Smoke Collection: Jana Nail Polish Pictures And Review

I recently picked up a few new Zoyas from their fall "Smoke & Mirrors" collection.  Jana is from the "Smoke" half and I love her.  Described as a "medium nude putty creme with grey, mauve, and purple tones", this color is really pretty.  Neutral enough but not dull, I find it to pull to the purple side on my skin.  The consistency is SUPERB....Zoyas always are!  Only 2 coats needed for complete coverage here:

 This is such a great polish.  I have nothing else close to it.  It is so perfect for fall.  Have you tried any of Zoya's new colors?  I have 2 from the "Mirrors" half that I will show you this week as well!


  1. I love this color!! I like these muddy colors!! Super cute!! XOXO

  2. Love this color! Need to go buy it now, it is perfect for fall!

  3. Maribeth, you sure know how to pick 'em! Not only do I love this colour, but I also love how it looks on you! It looks almost decadently creamy....now, I absolutely HAVE to find it!!!

  4. This is such a great classic color. We have such a hard time finding Zoya in Richmond. Our Ulta has a very limited selection. They best get on it!! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Marisa, thanks!!

    Style Journey, it really is such a great "transition into fall" color...not too dark, but just right!

    Eugenia, We need to get you some Zoyas, asap!

    Jayme & Mendi, my Ulta is the same way! They seem to always be a season behind with their Zoyas. I luckily found a beauty supply nearby that sells them, otherwise I'd be freaking out! I think Zoya is having a promo right now with free shipping from their website though!