Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Irreplaceable

Happy Tuesday!  I have on another Essence Colour & Go polish today.  This one is called "Irreplaceable" and is a beige nude with gold flake glitter:

You can see the base color clearly here...a nice, neutral beige.

In the right light, the gold glitter comes out and shines!

Close up of the glitter!

Isn't this a pretty color?  UM, did I mention that these are 99 cents??  I love Essence!


  1. Oooo you just made me want this. *puts on the ULTA list*

    AND yes $0.99 is great especially since these bottles are miniscule. MY gargantuan hands devour these small little bottles lol.

  2. Even though this colour is so gentle and almost faded-looking, I still LOVE it! and the gold flakies inside? So beautiful....they make this shade go from neutral to anything but! Naturally, it goes without saying that you had something to do with how awesome it looks! And $0.99....you've got to be kidding me! Love it even more now, lol!!

  3. I think you're turning me into a lover of neutral polishes! I like that this one has the glitter. It's so unexpected in a neutral polish and I love anything unique. I'll definitely be buying this one!

  4. Oooh I've never wanted a nude polish before but this one is sooo pretty!

  5. OOOH, Maribeth this color looks amazing on you! I have Irreplaceable too but I think it washes me out. I'll have to give it a try again in the dead of winter when I'm not so tan, haha!