Essie Case Study Nail Polish plus a Manicure That Makes Me Think Of Food...

Here is Essie "Case Study".  I am officially now only one polish away from having the entire Essie Fall collection (here are the rest).  I apologize for how crappy my nails look in these pics, I am in need of a proper sit-down, take your time, at home manicure.  I had to work and put this on quickly and wanted to show you pics.  Case Study is a creamy coffee/taupe polish:

Ew, I hate rushed polish jobs :/  Plus I had to cut my nails down this week because I broke several.  BOO.

Onto the rest of this "manicure".....I put Wet N Wild's "Tangled In My Web" on top of this and the result reminded me of chocolate chip cookie dough.  Or Mocha Chip ice cream:

Kinda weird, huh?

Man, I even have a jacked up cuticle too!  What the H is going on with my nails?  ;)

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  1. Cookie dough....of course! That's exactly what it looks like! Now, if you could only add scent to this, it would be 4D!!! lol!! Personally, I think your nail length looks great; I will be chopping mine down tonight as I don't like long nails, and only let them grow for swatching, but enough is enough!! Still, I wasn't all that sold on Case Study (on me, that is) but on you, it looks fab! Where do you find the time for all this with your hectic schedule...not to mention the little ones? You're my hero, Maribeth!