Funky Friday: French Manicure with Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air

I've never really been an, "It's Friday!!!" kind of person.  I've typically always had the type of job that required me to work weekends, so Friday just never had the same effect on me :)  Today I decided to do something "funkier" than usual for me...I started with a french manicure and added 2 coats of possibly my favorite nail polish of this year, Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air.  French manicures cause a deep rooted conflict of sorts for me.  On one hand, I can't help but think of super fake, super long nails (ala Jersey Shore) that look tacky and just yucks.  On the other, I've always loved the clean, classic look of a french done "right".   Hmm, it really is a question for the ages, isn't it?  To french, or not to french?  I have not done one is SUCH a long time, but figured it was a great way to wear my beloved Glitter In The Air a different way.  I love how the milky blue base of 'Glitter' softened the white tip of the nail:

I just LOVE Deborah Lippmann bottles...they are beautiful!

Thoughts and opinions?  What are your feelings towards the french manicure?


  1. I agree with you on the French mani. I love the clean classic look of a frenchi but some people take it too far and make it completely tacky.

    I love the touch of glitter. <3 DL

  2. Like you, I'm always torn about the French mani (by the way, did you know that it was an American creation? No self-respecting French woman would EVER wear this...lol!) On the one hand, and as you said, if done right, it gives your nails a beautifully clean polished finish. On the other, you can wind up looking like pure trailer trash. I personally adore the look when the tip is either not super white or super long, much like yours, I might add! The Glitter In The Air overlay looks so fresh and original done this way...I love this!! PS: I can't believe how long your nails have gotten...lovely! And as to the Lippmann bottles, why...they're miniature works of sculptural art!!

  3. Like everyone else, I agree with you. I think French manicures can look great if done right, but they can definitely verge into tacky. But I LOVE your version. I never wanted Glitter in the Air just because I thought it was too sheer for me, but you used it perfectly and now I want it!

  4. Chels, thanks :) I'm glad you like it!

    Eugenia, I think it is hilarious that this is an American invention! We think we can make up anything ;) My nails are getting long! This is as long as I will go since anything more makes it impossible for getting anything done (i.e., buttoning up little pants, tying little shoes, etc :) Also, the Lippmann bottles- I swear, I haven't dug one out in quite a bit and holding this today just made me....happy. How can a bottle do that? Ha!

    Jessi, You NEED G.I.T.A! Hahahaha I am such an enabler ;) PS, I keep meaning to email you back!

  5. Generally I'm just not a fan of a french manicure, I don't really know why, they just look a bit weird to me. This however looks lovely! I really want that colour but rarely wear sheer polishes and don't know if it's worth the money to use as a top coat :/

  6. I adore a shortish natural French. In fact I love it! Clean professional classic!
    But if it's too long or too ornate I hate it! Yours is perfect!! I do my own with Konad french tip and Essie allure. Sometimes I will do a lattice or lace type design stamped only at the tip (as far as I will go) Now I really want GITA!!! That looks great!