Hardy Candy Beetle Nail Polish

Remember way back when Hard Candy was sold at Sephora?  That is probably the last time (I think it was the late 90's) that I bought anything by them.  Now the brand is available at Wal-Mart.  I usually don't shop there (because it is out of the way) but found myself there yesterday running some errands and of course I needed to get myself something fun to make the trip worth while!  Hard Candy Beetle is a crazy color changing polish.  Depending on the light, it is purple/black/olive green.  It is pretty cool....

There is a tad bit of gritty-ness from the glitter that is mixed in.

The formula on this way not my fav- I dislike metallic formulas in general since they are hard to spread evenly.  They do dry pretty fast, which is a plus.  These are only $4!  Have you tried any of them?


  1. I haven't tried them, but this looks cool!

  2. I think I remember hearing that this is an exact dupe for Orly's Space Cadet. Which reminds me, I have a bottle of Space Cadet and only wore it once, a year and a half ago, when I bought it. And it, like this one, is such a gorgeous polish!

    I have Lava from Hard Candy and it's gorgeous. I need to wear it again too! Oooh, and Mr. Wrong. I think you need Mr. Wrong.