Icing Tiger's Blood Nail Polish

Here is my manicure of the day: Icing Tiger's Blood.  I've had this for a few weeks now and it's definitely more of a Summer polish...kinda sad I didn't break it out sooner!  I've heard that this is similar to Cult Nails "Captivated" (currently not available) and since I missed out on that one I decided to give it a whirl:

The color is really pretty- a thick jelly coral base with tons of glitter.  This was only 2 coats.  The only problem with thick polishes for me is that they are SO easy to peel off....I am a notorious "peeler"...if I sense my polish is thick at all, off it goes in one swift peel!  I think it would be perfect on my toes-then I would be able to fight the peeling urge ;)

Have a rockin Thursday night!


  1. I peeled off my black jelly glitter polish from a few days ago and my nails are paying for it now!

    The glitter in this is exactly the same as Captivated but I think the base color is more opaque.

    You must resist the urge to peel!

  2. Oh goodness that is so beautiful. I need someone to CP it for me! I love peeling my nail polish off, it's so satisfying!

  3. This is so much prettier than I thought it would be! I have heard about this polish and really expected something else.
    Your nails are looking fabulous btw!

  4. Jessi....it's sooooo hard not too!! hahahaha I know better and I can't stop!

    Lillian, I'm glad I'm not alone ;) It IS satisfying!!

    Chels, I am surprised how much I liked this set....I collect them so I was going to get it no matter what, but its always better when I actually enjoy them :) Thanks for the nail compliment! lol