Julep Catherine Nail Polish Pictures

Here is one more polish from Julep.  Catherine is a classic red polish.  I rarely wear reds, but ordered this because it came in a set (with Pippa, how cute!).  I cannot stress enough how well these polishes apply.  The are smooth, not too thick or thin, and drying time is excellent.  This has an almost jelly like finish and is super shiny.

This sort of reminded me of Zoya "Sooki".  Here is an old pic of it...I think Catherine is a tad more warm toned:

I then added one layer of Vanessa, Julep's Glitter Top Coat, onto this and I was surprised at the result.  I had used this previously over Stella, and didn't notice the sweet scattered holographic quality that the glitter had.  Catherine really played it up, mostly because it is more of a contrast:

See what I mean?  So cool!

Wow, this may be my favorite red- one that I will actually wear!


  1. What a gorgeous red! I don't wear reds that often, but I love the way bright red nail polish looks. Although my boyfriend refuses to believe so, there IS something sexy about it. ;) It looks amazing with the glitter, too.

  2. Pretty! I don't like Case Study, but that's okay!!! I would love to see comparative swatches of Maggie And Alfre by Julep!!! I am trying to decide which one to get! They r both so pretty and great fall colors, and purple is my favorite color! Can you please order and Swatch them i f you like them? Thanks!