Julep Miranda Nail Polish Pictures

Howdy!  I was psyched to find not 1, but 2 packages from Julep in my mailbox today!  One was an order I had placed and the other was replacement polishes for other colors I had received in error.  If you read my previous post about Julep and their "Maven" program, you know that they are a small company based in Seattle that has just started this fantastic program that gives you a box of nail polish/nail care items each month for $19.99.  They got off to a rough start with some technical issues and errors regarding wrong items being sent.  I have to say, the issues I have  encountered with them have been met with attentive customer service and sincere apologies.  Plus, I am falling deeper and deeper in love with their product.  Honestly, I cannot say enough about the formula- they are spot on and easy to apply.  The down side is the bottles are smaller than an "average" bottle of polish...something I turned my nose up at initially.  I am eating my words because you get what you pay for- their creme polishes apply like a smooth, jelly spread and shine like glass.  I immediately took off the color I put on last night when I opened the mail and saw Miranda. She is described by Julep as "modern sea foam" and she is stunning:

Isn't this so cool?  It is muted just enough to not make me feel self conscious with it on (you know I am a neutral girl ALL the way usually).
I am also excited because this was the polish I was supposed to get for my Maven box after taking their "Style" quiz.  I really feel it is so ME, so the quiz is pretty accurate in my opinion.  

If you want to sign up for Julep, use my link & I will get credit for the referral :)
http://www.julep.com/AP.aspx?ID=520&EID=14763804  (use this code:  smh9oxu  for a discount on your first box!)

Their products will definitely not disappoint.  I have a few more I will be posting this week from my order...watch for those!


  1. Did you ever get your credit from when I signed up under your code? You should tell them if you didn't because you were the reason I signed up! I just have my first box so far and I haven't worn the polishes yet, but they're really pretty!

  2. Jessi, I did! You were the reason I ordered more...I used your credit :) (thanks again!!)

    D. Sadie, Isn't it splendid??

  3. Yay! I'm glad you got it! I know some people were having troubles.

  4. Very pretty shade and I LOVE the name! haha

  5. Miranda, I swear I thought of you when I did this post! You are the only Miranda I "know" :)

  6. This is incredible! I love this shade....reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea and serves to keep me in Summer mode, lol! As always, your swatches are beautiful and now you made me add this one to my "want" list!

  7. How did the credit work? Did you have to make a minimum purchase?