Manicure of the Day: Leopard Print Nails

After being inspired by OPI's Facebook post on how to do a leopard print design on your nails (there is a super quick tutorial that rocks!), I decided to give it a try.  Considering it was my first attempt, I am pretty happy.  A little back story for you; I am mildly obsessed with leopard print.  It just makes me happy. My area rug in my living room is leopard, my favorite comfy Birkenstock sandals are (glitter) leopard print and the lining of my favorite purse is also, you guessed it-leopard.  But that's not to say I am over the top.  I tend to dress on the boring side (think solids in taupe, gray, pink, olive) and then *jazz* things up accessory-wise.  So on a typical day you will find me wearing a gray scoop neck tshirt with jeans, maybe a black scarf and ballerina flats or my gray Converse All Stars (they have purple glitter strips on the back!).  Kinda plain over all.  But then I will carry my sequined wristlet that looks like a disco ball and wear a giant flower shaped ring with blingy crystals in the center.  For some reason (and this comes back to nails also), I've always been obsessive with the details of what I was wearing more than the main components.  I wonder why that is?  I remember being in 2nd grade and the highlight of my day was checking out which nail polish or jewelry my teacher wore that day. Btw, she was a total b!tc&,  but I always appreciated her accessorizing abilities.
Enough rambling about that, here are my nails!  These are the polishes I used:

Here is a pic of my nails AND my rug!

I want to keep practicing and experimenting with different color combos!


  1. This is SO cute...we love it!! It would also look amazing as a pink/purple leopard print. We can't wait to see more. ;)

    We added you to our 'Blogs We Love' list today...sorry it was SO long overdue! We just wanted to share our appreciation for all of the love you give to HLNC!

    XOXO ~
    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. I was right!!! Your mani is spectacular!! I'm so jealous, as I could never come close to that, but I sure appreciate it on you! PS: thanks for the tip on the DIY tutorial...I haven't checked out facebook in ages, so I guess I missed it....going now to look it over! Loved this, girlfriend!!

  3. I think this is one of my favorite leopard design on the nails I've seen. I love that you jazzed it up with a touch of glitter JUST to the spots and not all over the base. You did an amazing job on them, in my opinion.

  4. This is really good! I think a sky blue base with hot pink spots or emerald green spots would be pretty!

  5. Yay Maribeth, this looks awesome! I want to to come be my neighbor so you can do my nails and we can watch UFC together! So Rampage vs Jon Jones this weekend. Who's going to win? I hope Rampage, but I doubt it!

  6. Wow this turned out really good! I am so glad I didn't post my Leopard print nails now lol. Mine were horrible compared to this!