Maybelline Cool Couture Nail Polish For Fall

I can tell you with 100% certainty that I have never in my life owned a Maybelline Nail Polish.  Something about them just doesn't call to me.  When I noticed this color sitting on their new display, it caught my eye so I had to try it.

"Cool Couture" is a darkened teal base with turquoise shimmer throughout:

Pros: I LOVE the color!  It is super fall-ish and autumn-y.  The formula application was wonderful and easy to apply.  The brush is surprisingly great too.

Cons: I gather from the "50 Second/Express Finish" name of this polish that it is a "fast dry" formula?  Am I wrong?  Because I totally painted my nails at 8:30, didn't go to bed until almost 2a.m. and woke up with SHEET MARKS!  What the H?  Annoying.

Are you doing anything to celebrate Fall this weekend?  


  1. Extremely pretty! Apparently I guess it's not fast dry =\

  2. I bought this one too! Yeah, Maybelline isn't normally one I think of for polish, but this was a pleasant surprise.

    Now that it's officially fall, I hope it starts actually FEELING a bit more fall-like. I'm tired of the 100 degree plus days!

  3. i loveeeee that color! unfortunately i can't find it anywhere :(

  4. i bought this too at my local rite aid! havent used it yet but cant wait to now after seeing your swatches!

  5. absolutely gorgeous color, love the shimmer especially

  6. OMG we hate it when that happens!! The color is gorgeous though!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. Hey MB!!! Just found this today at my Rite Aid, 50% off. Saw your post earlier & had to get this!!

    How's it going over there??

    Greetings from the NH......

    Sue B. love2buy/delphi