Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Without A Stitch" Nail Polish Pictures

I picked up another Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish while grocery shopping recently (the WORST habit ;).  As a licensed Nail Tech, I tend to favor salon brands (Nubar, Essie, OPI, CND, etc) however I love the idea of an "all in one" product such as this.  This is supposed to be your base coat, nail strengthener, color, and top coat in one bottle.  I did put another (ridge filling) base coat on since my nails are a peeling mess lately, but I do think that there is little need for a topcoat since these dry nice and shiny.  I cannot comment (yet) on the nail strengthening part, but I will post on that later :)

Without A Stitch is a pale neutral- a beige with a hint of coffee:

I like my sugar with coffee and cream...
 A nice clean & pretty neutral! ( I've noticed I tend to label polishes as "clean" or "dirty"...is this strange?)

I then put one layer of CND's 24K sparkle Effect over this. Still very subtle, but I like knowing it is there:

I love the way the butterscotch flakes from 24K spice it up!  Neutral enough for a conservative work environment, but not a plain choice by far.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!!


  1. I love your layering! And of course you know I always pick up polishes while grocery shopping, too. It's the only thing I like about it, haha.

    Why don't you work as a nail tech? Do you just not like doing it?

  2. Jessi, I loved doing nails but it was hard to find a salon that offers health benefits etc. Right around the time I started doing nails (1998) I found out that I had thyroid cancer, so I couldn't leave my full time "office" job that offered benefits to fully throw myself into a salon career. I worked part time for awhile in a salon, but eventually life got in the way! I am in the process now of obtaining my Oregon state certification- I am only licensed in my home state of Massachusetts right now so I would be unable to work in a salon until that is complete. My aspiration is to open up a natural nails ONLY type salon (I loathe acrylics!) when my boys are all in school full time!

  3. Maribeth, I hope you have had a healthy recovery and I will definitely support you when you open up that salon! Read The Secret, it will give you your health and salon and anything else! And I believe Julep is a natural salon, but I am not sure. This color kind of reminds me of dirt, because it's too light and mixed between brown and yellow, the colors of No. 1&2. Sorry that I'm not a fan :(

  4. Maribeth! I picked up this same polish yesterday!! It's pretty but it was very streaky going on. Love the color but the formula is bad!! Was yours hard to deal with?

  5. iLadybird, thanks for your support! :) I just looked up "The Secret" and I need to get it. I can't believe that I have not read this before- it sounds just like the way I think *(or at least try to !) Thanks for the tip!!

    Nina, too funny! You know what? The formula wasn't too streaky for me but here's the strange part- HOURS after putting it on, it was still tacky. Like, four hours later, I messed up 4 of my nails and I was like, "forget it!". Hmph! hahaha

  6. Wow that is interesting about not drying! Dont you hate that! I gotta tell you I could not believe you had that color on today. "psychic nail polish friends". Lol.

  7. Nina, the fact that you would even use the term "Psychic nail polish friends" makes me value our psychic nail polish friendship even more! LOL :D

  8. i just bought my first sh complete salon manicure last night. i have used it yet, but i hope i like it! this looks great on you!

  9. I love this colour on you! There's something so understated, yet totally edgy about it...then again, it could be because it's on your fab nails!! The layering combo is to die for -- amazing, as always Maribeth!!

  10. jess//hello, polish! Let me know what you think! I've only tried one other of these before....I am kinda diggin' the strange brush!

    Eugenia, thanks!! You know me and my neutrals, so naturally I felt right at home with this on :)