Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween Nail Polish Collection

I have been stalking my local stores in search of ANY of the new Wet N Wild Halloween nail polishes.  I really want the "On The Prowl" collection of fast dry polishes, but I haven't seen them anywhere!  I settled on these "Fantasy Maker" ones.  They are pretty cool and will keep me happy....for today.  Plus, they have little "R.I.P" head stone caps.  How morbidly cute! Observe:

 There are 3 colors: glow in the dark, a black w/purple glitter, and another black w/brown & silver glitter

First I tried the glow in the dark polish named, "Night Glow".  This polish is sheer:

 Here it is in the dark!
I'm not really sure when this would actually come in handy BUT, it's pretty cool still!

Next up, "Black Magic"- a black base with a mix of silvery brown glitter.  

In the bottle this reminded me of China Glaze's new "Midtown Magic", so I did a comparison:

 The China Glaze Midtown Magic is much more warm toned and the glitter leans towards the gold side:

Last but not least, "Purple Potion", a black base with a magenta glitter:

I am happy that I picked these up.  They were cheap (and on sale!  buy one, get one half off) so how can you really go wrong?  Anyone know where I can find the other Halloween collection?  I am on the hunt!


  1. wow the purple potion is really pretty! i have the black magic and glow in the dark, but I'm upset I didn't see the purple there or I would have bought it also!
    I bought mine at Harmon stores, maybe you can find it there?

  2. These are so fun!!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. LOVE Purple Potion. I'm on a purple polish kick right now. the last 4 polishes I purchased were some shade of purple!

  4. I love the bottles! I almost bought all of them when grocery shopping, but in a rare display of self control I passed on them all. I already have similar colors!

  5. I HAVE to have the headstones. HAVE TO. *sigh*

  6. Rachel, they would look so great on your nails!

    Jess, you NEED the purple one...it's my fav by far. We don't have Harmon out here (Oregon)...BOO!

    Jayme & Mendi, aren't they so freakin cute?

    Lyndsay, do they have these at CVS?? I want you to find me the other ones!!!

    Jessi, you are so funny....good job on the self control! :)

    Noelie, my oldest son saw these and he was like, "are those....graves!??!". bahahahahah

  7. Cute! I love the bottles. Hehe.

  8. The bottles are just too cute!


  9. I'm so jealous! I'm looking for any halloween polishes and I can only find a few Sally Hanson. Where did you find the Wet and Wilds?

  10. MaryBeth (Um, LOVE your name, wink wink) Where do you live? I got mine at my grocery store, Fred Meyer, but they are only in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska) :/ I wish they were all easier to find! I really want that other Halloween collection! BOO

  11. We usually get those in the Halloween set at cvs, which should be going up very soon! I'll let you know what I find