Wet N Wild "On The Prowl" Fall Nail Polish Collection Pictures, Swatches, Review

This collection of nail polishes from Wet N Wild has been haunting me ever since I first saw promo pics of it about a month or so ago.  These "limited edition" collections are so hard to find for many people, myself included.  After much stalking of the stores around me, I finally came upon it this weekend!  I am pretty sure I yelled "yay!!" when I found it.  The collection consists of 8 Fast Dry nail polishes and they are all very pretty.  I took tons of pics:

Tangled In My Web is a black glitter in a clear base.  I use "glitter" loosely, its not shiny like a typical glitter, which makes it kinda cool and different.  Perfect for layering (see pics at end of post).  I love this one:

Correction Tape is a multi colored glitter in a clear base.  This one is tad similar to another Wet N Wild glitter called "Party of 5 Glitters", except this one has only squared shaped glitter and the colors are slightly different:

Cougar Attack is a slightly sheer brown base with coppery brown glitter.  I LOVE this:

Behind Closed Doors is my other favorite.  Not by itself (as you will see below) because it is supremely sheer, but layered over black, it is amazing.  This was 3 coats and you can see how runny it still was:

Buy Me A Drink is a wine colored shimmer and really has a glow-y effect:

Ready To Pounce is a deep, blackened purple shimmer:

Jungle Fever is a minty shimmer and it was probably my least favorite.  It just doesn't do "it" for me, but it is still a pretty color:

Ink Well is a basic black creme with a really great formula (for only $1.99!).  This was only 2 coats:

And here are a few layering pics:

I really love almost all of these.  The entire collection as a whole is pretty awesome. If you find it, definitely pick up a few!  Which are your favs?


  1. OMG you are super lucky! I can't find these ANYWHERE here. Good thing you didn't move here lol

    I love the glitters over the black. Behind Closed Doors is the one I want the most!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited that you found it! I managed to pick up Behind Closed Doors and Tangled In My Web, but that was all that was left in the display. I agree with you about Jungle Fever. I normally love greens, but this one is sort of "meh".

    Oh, I'm wearing neutral-ish polish today and it made me think of you!

  3. The red sparkles one is pretty, but I am not a fan of most of these colors :(

  4. I need to get my hands on these!!! You did a spectacular job swatching these. :)

  5. Lucky you! "stalking"....hahaha! That's what we've come down to, right Maribeth? lol!! My fave here has got to be Ready to Pounce....looks awesome against your skin tone. Did you notice how much Cougar ATtack looks like Deborah Lippmann's Superstar, not to mention how close Behind Closed Doors is to another Lippmann shade, Ruby Red Slippers? You just may have found yourself some real inexpensive dupes here!

  6. Mendi bought Correction Tape and I tried and LOVE! I have to find that this weekend!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. I would like to have Behind Closed Doors to layer over black or even a super deep red... the blackish base may deepen it even more