What I Wore Today: OPI Be Mine! Nail Polish

Here is an oldie: OPI "Be Mine!" came out back in 2006 for Valentine's Day.  This is the last "old" OPI (before the formula and brushes changed) I own since I went through a phase of "if I haven't worn this in awhile, I'm getting rid of it" (GASP!).  Nowadays, I hoard everything, even if I fully intend on never wearing it again.  I keep this one around because it is old, not because it is a particularly fantastic color.  It is a nice neutral, but nothing superbly unique. It is a shimmery light pink with a slight greenish glow:

Old OPI Labels!

There you have it.  This is what I wore today :)  Do you have any oldies you hang onto?


  1. Awesome! I love seeing older polishes! I wonder if this would look nice layered over another color?