Happy Halloween! My Bloody Manicure...

Do you do anything fun for Halloween?  I will be treking around our neighborhood tonight, trick or treating with my boys.  It makes me sad that they are getting out of the "cute" costume phase, and are now fully into the scary/creepy/dead things costume phase.  My youngest is still too young to argue, so he will be a pumpkin and that will keep me happy for now :D

I wanted to do a dark vampy look today...I took Julep's "Catherine" (a jelly red) and did one layer of that, then topped it with 2 layers of Wet n Wild's "Behind Closed Doors".  The result reminds me of coagulated blood (I'm pretty sure the only time that description is used in a positive light would be Halloween).

Here is 'Catherine' by herself:

You may remember, this is how 'Behind Closed Doors looked by itself (bleh!):

Combined, the sheer blackened base of 'Behind' transformed 'Catherine' just enough to make that perfect bloody color.  The added sparkle of the red hex glitter completed the effect I was going for:

I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out.  Are you wearing Halloween nails today?


Julep Charlotte Nail Polish Pictures/Swatches/Review

Brrrr...it's cold in Oregon today.  How's the weather near you?  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that it had snowed back home in New England!  What the hell?  Snow before Halloween is just wrong!

Now for some polish....today I am wearing "Charlotte" from Julep.  This color is a medium lavender hue.  As per usual with Julep polishes, this could easily be a "one coater", but I used 2 to smooth out some messiness (from rushing!).  If you went slow, you could get away with one for sure!

I tried on a layer of CND's Plum Truffle Effect over this and it compliments it nicely:

Together, this reminded me a tad of a lighter version of Zoya's Neeka:

Do you have anything fun planned for Halloween?  I'm going to try and bust out some Halloween manicures this weekend!


LA Girl "Bronze Medal" Nail Polish Plus Layering To Save A Polish From Being Exiled

So here is another color I picked up while grocery shopping.  In the bottle, "Bronze Medal" by LA Girl looked like it would be a great autumn-bronze shade. Instead, I was greeted with this:

 A sparse, watery mess!  This was 4 coats!  FOUR!!  I loathe any polish that makes me put more than 2 coats on, so when I realized this was going nowhere, I was disappointed.

I decided the only option I had was to try and layer this over another polish.  I put 2 layers of OPI's Onyx, a black creme, on and one layer of Bronze Medal.  I instantly felt better about this "crappy" polish.
Here is Onyx by itself:

And layered with Bronze Medal:

So my advice to you is this; if you have a polish that just isn't working for you, try pairing it with others.  You may be able to save it after all! A fun thing to do is pick 2 completely opposite type colors and see what happens when you layer...you could wind up with something wonderful.

Have a fabulous Thursday!


Essie Cocktail Bling Collection: School Of Hard Rocks PLUS LA Girl Glitter Addict Nail Polish

Day 2 of my Essie binge will feature me wearing, "School Of Hard Rocks" which Essie calls a "midnight malachite".  This polish is unbelievably pretty and probably my favorite from the Cocktail Bling collection.   It is a dark but muted teal and I am in love with it:

I will have to pull out my other teals and compare...I was too eager to get this on today so I didn't plan ahead and do a comparison shot first :/ 
When I reached for this in my "untried" polish section, I realized I also had a L.A. Girl "Glitter Addict" polish called Nostalgic still waiting to be tried too.  These polishes complimented each other perfectly!  'Nostalgic' is a mix of tiny turquoise glitter mixed with larger 'hex' glitter in a clear base:

I don't think I could ever get sick of any teal/turquoise/creme/glitter combo...EVER!

In case you missed it, I posted about another new Essie from the Cocktail Bling collection here.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection: Brooch The Subject Nail Polish Plus Nude Polish Comparision

I am really enjoying Essie's new collection, Cocktail Bling. Some may say it is not crazy exciting or different, but I love the fact that it is all creme polishes!   I picked up a few of the colors this week and will be reviewing them separately.  Here is "Brooch The Subject", a creamy cashmere cameo.  It is a nude polish, which is my favorite color category, so of course it was on my "must have" list.  I never get sick of these neutrals!  Look for my comparisons to other nudes below also!

This applied very smoothly in only 2 layers- the formula is excellent for this type of color.

Being neutral-obsessed, I naturally had a ton of other nudes to compare this to, and wondered if I really needed another one:

Turns out I do, since none of them were "dead on" duplicates. See:
I was surprised to see how much darker "Brooch" looked once I compared it to my other nudes.

While I was in my polish stash plucking comparison bottles, I spied my beloved "Nubar 2010" (flaky topcoat) sitting there, all lonely and unloved and decided she had to meet up with my new Essie.  Here is the result:

You have to trust me that in person, this is spectacular!  See how the flakies look in the bottle in these pics?  That is how it appears on the nail in real life.  I am having daily battles with the Sun (or lack thereof) here in the Pacific Northwest this week, so I couldn't get a natural light shot that would display this beautiful polish the way it should be.  I had to still give you an idea though ;)

Look for more Essie swatches this week!


CND The Plum Truffle Collection (Pictures and Swatches)

My heart skips a beat whenever I find the latest seasonal colour/effect set from Creative Nail Design!  For holiday season, they have the new "Plum Truffle" Collection:

The Plum Truffle colour is a plum/cranberry creme polish and applies splendidly.  CND's cremes are almost always capable of being one-coaters, but I typically do 2 because I am taking pictures.  The camera seems to show imperfections that are not visible to the naked eye.  I love Creative's brush- it is not quite a 'skinny' brush and not quite as wide as say, an OPI prowide brush:

Here is 2 layers on my nails:

I then put on a layer of the Plum Truffle effect, which is a pinkish, plummy glitter:

One again, I love this combo.  I love everything that Creative does.  I like that they do not come out with extensive collections every season, but rather these "exclusive" duos or sets with fantastic colors.  It makes me feel good to know that I have the chance to collect all of them, without going completely broke!  There are a few more of these that I am having trouble tracking down...but I am on the hunt!  If you have any hot tips on where to find past CND collections, let me know!