China Glaze "It's Alive" Nail Polish for Halloween!

"This is Halloween, This is Halloween! Pumpkins scream in the dead of night!  This is Halloween,  everybody make a scene! Trick or Treat til' the neighbors gonna die of fright!"
-Nightmare Before Christmas

Sorry, every time I say the word 'Halloween' in my head, that song from Nightmare Before Christmas starts playing on repeat.  I love that movie because you can essentially watch it from Halloween straight through Christmas, and it's totally appropriate.

Today I wore a Halloween polish from China Glaze called, "It's Alive".  I was sort of bummed that the name of this one didn't include an exclamation point ("It's Alive!"), since I love them and it would add some excitement :)

It's Alive is a murky,warm green base with different shade of green glitter.  There are hex shaped glitters and "regular" shaped pieces as well.  This was 2 coats:

Surprisingly, this dried pretty smooth.  I was afraid it would be that annoying type of glitter that snags clothing, but nope!  I kind of want to try it on my toes.  It's really great color, and much like "Nightmare Before Christmas", you could wear this straight through December!


  1. Uh...WOW! I really & totally love this! It's a weird chartreuse kind of colour, and while it's supposed to be a funky kind of shade, I still find it rather sophisticated! Looks so amazing against your skin!

  2. Thanks Eugenia! It is a nice combo of funk and sophistication :) XoXo