CND The Plum Truffle Collection (Pictures and Swatches)

My heart skips a beat whenever I find the latest seasonal colour/effect set from Creative Nail Design!  For holiday season, they have the new "Plum Truffle" Collection:

The Plum Truffle colour is a plum/cranberry creme polish and applies splendidly.  CND's cremes are almost always capable of being one-coaters, but I typically do 2 because I am taking pictures.  The camera seems to show imperfections that are not visible to the naked eye.  I love Creative's brush- it is not quite a 'skinny' brush and not quite as wide as say, an OPI prowide brush:

Here is 2 layers on my nails:

I then put on a layer of the Plum Truffle effect, which is a pinkish, plummy glitter:

One again, I love this combo.  I love everything that Creative does.  I like that they do not come out with extensive collections every season, but rather these "exclusive" duos or sets with fantastic colors.  It makes me feel good to know that I have the chance to collect all of them, without going completely broke!  There are a few more of these that I am having trouble tracking down...but I am on the hunt!  If you have any hot tips on where to find past CND collections, let me know!


  1. There's just something about this combo that says "Christmas morning" to me; you know, the gifts have all been opened, you're holding a steaming cup of coffee, sitting back and relaxing (cause you had a rockin' night the eve before!), and you look outside and see the snowflakes dancing gently around....while a fire is blazing quietly in the hearth....*sigh* talk about maudlin, huh?! LOL!! Can I get carried away, or what?! All this to say that it's a lovely shade, and as always...looks stunning on you!

  2. Eugenia, it's so true- this screams "Christmas" to me, which is surprising considering it's not the typical green/red/silver/gold combo that is typical of the season! Your description has made me all warm & fuzzy ;)

  3. LOVE it! I love this collection too and I wish I have more CND duos! I have to start building on my collection!! XOXO Marisa

  4. where do you find these duos? I looked at Ulta but had no luck...