Cult Nails For Fall "Awakening" and "Hypnotize Me" Nail Polish

Last Friday was a great day for me because I won a Facebook giveaway from Cult Nails (do you "like" them yet?  What are you waiting for?).  I was having the type of day where I felt like I was being pulled in a thousand directions, and my win definitely made everything better!  Maria, the brains & beauty behind Cult Nails, let me choose 3 polishes for my prize!  Here are the 2 I wore today...'Awakening' is a muted teal with a glass-like shine.  This applies like a jelly, and jellies are my favorite!

Next  up is 'Hypnotize Me' and this, THIS was the polish I couldn't wait to try.  An "ice green sheer jelly with vibrant blue and green glitter", this color makes an unbelievable layering polish but I am also going to try it on it's own later on this week:

 In these pictures, it is really easy to see the green/turquoise glitter...the hidden gem is the electric blue glitter that shows up in the right ligthing!  This polish dries pretty quickly too...I am in love with these.

Tomorrow I will show some pictures of 'In A Trance', an unbelievably beautiful olive green.


  1. Oooo it looks gr8 with the top glitter coat!!! do you have orly's rage? it is goregeous!!! i would love to see high quality photos of it!

  2. Yay! I have this collection and love it. Well, I love all Cult Nails polishes. I kept meaning to swatch these, but my nails have been extremely troublesome lately. :( Oh, have you seen Cult Nails' Unicorn Pee/Clairvoyant? I can't wait until it's released!

  3. Every time I see this combo I was it more and more! I just pre-ordered Unicorn Puke - can't wait to get it!

  4. I can't even begin to express how much I love Cult Nails polishes. Every single one I've tried has been a gorgeous glossy thing of wonder, and I own all of them except for maybe 5 colors! :D

  5. Ok, you know how much I adore teal, but I must say that this is probably the truest version of this shade that I've seen to day. With Hypnotize Me layered on top, it becomes magical!! I still haven't gotten around to ordering any of their polishes, but you've just clinched it for me! Stunning, girlfriend!