Cult Nails For Fall "In A Trance" and "Hypnotize Me" Nail Polish

Here is the other color I received from a Cult Nails Facebook giveaway! (see my other review here).

'In A Trance' is an olive green shimmer that is simply Autumn in a bottle.  This is exactly the type of color that comes to mind when I think "Fall".  I have to tell you, Cult nail polishes are among the best wearing polishes I have ever tried.  Usually my polish chips within a day, no matter which brand, top coat, base coat combo that I use.  These Cult ones wear like armor.  I cannot believe how well they last on my nails!

Here are the pics!

Then I just had to see what 'Hypnotize Me' would add to this color.  The result is a really unique combo that I ended up really loving:

 I now need to order the one I am missing from this collection, a purple named "Enigmatic".  My set needs to be complete!

If you have not tried Cult Nails yet, you must!  You will so happy that you did.  Their colors are original, their formulas are superb, and the way they wear is nothing short of astonishing.  You can order from their website:  http://www.cultnails.com/!


  1. I prefer In A Trance alone. I agree, it is such a warm, lovely color that for some reason reminds me of apple cider! I'm opening my Julep Maven box as we speak!

  2. Wow. I love both of these. I don't own any cult nail polish. I need to get some.

  3. Lovely colors I've never tried them. Where can I buy these in the US?

  4. I thought In A Trance by itself was stunning, but like I said...you are the layering queen! Interesting combo - hard to describe, but so unique. In A Trance reminds me of two other shades (NARS and Dior), but it still has a look all its own. I'm so happy you won these - you did them proud!!

  5. I love the way to polish looks both ways!!! Gorgeous!!!


  6. In A Trance is my favorite from Cult Nails' latest collection, I was born to rock these olive greens. ;)