Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish "What Do U Think?" and "Space Queen"

Essence Colour & Go nail polishes make grocery shopping more fun.  My grocery store has them and since they are only $1, I feel no guilt picking one (or a few) up while I'm there!

Here are 2 more.....first up is a coral called, "What Do U Think?".  There is a very subtle gold shimmer running through this color too.  The weather in Oregon (not tons of sunshine) lately has made my shimmer-capturing photography next to impossible!

So what do you think of 'What Do U Think?'...? ha

I enjoyed how this color complimented my bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee:

Can I rant about coffee for a minute?  First off, I'm an east coast girl living on the west coast and I am totally missing having an actual Dunkin' Donuts coffee shop around.  I actually have had dreams of flying home and getting a coffee once landing at Logan Airport (they have one inside!).  I'm actually afraid that I've built up DD so much in my head, that if I had one now, I'd be disappointed.  Like, somehow it wouldn't be as good as I remembered.  Meanwhile out here in the Pac NW, I've increasingly become addicted to espresso.  There is a Starbucks or indie-type coffee shop on every corner and I find myself craving (physically) that espresso on a daily basis.  Now, onto part 2 of my coffee rant....I have a Keurig coffee maker that should be making my life so much easier- it's like coffee on demand!  I've only had it since January and lately it's been annoying the crap out of me.  Sometimes it just won't brew.  Other times, it will keep sucking up water and instead of a cup of coffee, I get a saucepan filled with bland coffee flavored hot water. Then, all of the sudden it will be fine....then not again.  Do you know how aggravating it is at 6 am to have your coffeepot effing with you like that??  I need to contact Keurig about it...thankfully I didn't get rid of my "regular" coffeepot and I am getting by on that!

Ok enough about the coffee....here is the 2nd part of the nail polish review- Space Queen, a glitter polish.  I put one layer over 'What Do U Think?' and while it is pretty, it is not the type of glitter I go crazy for usually:

See?  Pretty much just a basic glitter....not a "NEED to own NOW!".  

Usually I love these polishes, but "What Do U Think?" went on really thick :/  Oh well, for the price, I still like them enough!


  1. They are pretty ordinary, but nice basics to own!

  2. Wow, I have What Do You Think and I never noticed the shimmer!

  3. iLadybird, yeah...that pretty much sums it up!

    Rie, I know....it is SO super subtle!