Essence Colour & Go "Can't Cheat On Me" Silver Holo Nail Polish

Today I wore another Essence "Colour & Go" Nail Polish.  This one is called "Can't Cheat On Me" and it is a silver polish with a pretty decent holographic glitter effect (check out the last 2 pics for the holo in full swing!).  Especially decent considering these polishes cost 99 cents!  I did 3 layers in these photos, and you can see that it is still a tad sheer, but I really love it!  Holos make me happy because they are glittery without the grittiness. You know what else?  On top of being a fast dry polish, I skipped the base and top coat for this fast manicure and the polish dries SUPER shiny! I love these little polishes....

I love how the cap of the polish perfectly matches the polish color!

You can find these polishes at Ulta, or if you are in the Pacific Northwest and have a Fred Meyer store nearby, they carry them also.  For under a buck, pick one up, slap on a few layers of polish and add some cuticle oil and lotion and you have a super quick, super fab manicure on the go!


  1. Wow! Next time I go to Ulta I have to pick a couple up! It's a gorgeous color too! :D

  2. Nory, they are really great! I have about five more I need to take pictures of!

  3. I totally agree with you about benefitting from a little bling, without the mess! And for under a buck?! Insane!! It seems to have more of a scattered holo effect, which is pretty as well...I recently swatched my very first 'linear' type holo (yay!) and I can't wait to hear what you think of it!