Essie Cocktail Bling Collection: Brooch The Subject Nail Polish Plus Nude Polish Comparision

I am really enjoying Essie's new collection, Cocktail Bling. Some may say it is not crazy exciting or different, but I love the fact that it is all creme polishes!   I picked up a few of the colors this week and will be reviewing them separately.  Here is "Brooch The Subject", a creamy cashmere cameo.  It is a nude polish, which is my favorite color category, so of course it was on my "must have" list.  I never get sick of these neutrals!  Look for my comparisons to other nudes below also!

This applied very smoothly in only 2 layers- the formula is excellent for this type of color.

Being neutral-obsessed, I naturally had a ton of other nudes to compare this to, and wondered if I really needed another one:

Turns out I do, since none of them were "dead on" duplicates. See:
I was surprised to see how much darker "Brooch" looked once I compared it to my other nudes.

While I was in my polish stash plucking comparison bottles, I spied my beloved "Nubar 2010" (flaky topcoat) sitting there, all lonely and unloved and decided she had to meet up with my new Essie.  Here is the result:

You have to trust me that in person, this is spectacular!  See how the flakies look in the bottle in these pics?  That is how it appears on the nail in real life.  I am having daily battles with the Sun (or lack thereof) here in the Pacific Northwest this week, so I couldn't get a natural light shot that would display this beautiful polish the way it should be.  I had to still give you an idea though ;)

Look for more Essie swatches this week!


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  2. Gorgeous!!! I love the Essie and Nubar combo!!!


  3. HAI!!!! I just got Nubar 2010 and I want to slather it on everything!!! It looks beautiful over almost any color. I love the pizzaz it gives the sandy colors ... well any color really. :D

  4. I love the flaky over the nude polish! And nude polishes look better on you than anyone I've ever seen. You make me want to wear them even though it's hard to get one that doesn't look weird with my skin tone.

  5. Love the flaky with the nude! And thanks for swatching the other nudes, great to see a comparison

  6. So surprised how much deeper Broach the Subject is over Sand Tropez which the latter is a shade I really liked and was dark enough in the nude range I could pull it off without looking like I had pasty hands. Nubar 2010 looks GREAT over it. I have to now add to what I will purchase from the winter 2011 Essie - thanks so much for showing the other nudes with this one. I need it I can see now where as I was going to certainly take a pass on it.

  7. All That's Gorgeous, thanks! I am very happy with the way it turned out!

    Loodie, isn't it great? It had that effect on me when I first got it...I had to "Nubar2010" everything!!

    Jessi, mwahahahaha! I will turn you into a nude polish LOVER!

    Hair Romance, thanks! And no prob ;) I had to convince *myself* that I still need to keep buying nudes!

    Beachgal, I think you will love it! It really is a fab 'winter' nude. Hell, we need them all :)

  8. As soon as I saw this colour, I thought "Maribeth will absolutely love this"!!! I was right...and as usual, it looks so hawt on you! Girl, how brilliant to stir things up by adding that flakie top coat! While I don't own the Nubar version, I have Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, so now you know that I absolutely MUST try this for myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Eugenia, you know me so well ;) I can't wait to see your swatches!!

  10. Wow I want that nude!! Like you I love nude polish and that nubar is perfect!!! Love love love!