Essie "Rock Star Skinny" Nail Polish Plus Matte About You Top Coat

Here's another Essie I grabbed recently: Rock Star Skinny came out back in 2008.  This color is described as a glamorous creamy crimson red by Essie.  It has a lot of brown in it and reminds me of a really dark red delicious apple, or a chocolate covered cherry:

I was really enjoying the way this color looked in the bottle....the glass bottle toned down the shininess.  I decided to try Essie's Matte About You matte topcoat over it to see if I could replicate the bottle look I wanted:

 I have never been a huge matte polish fan (in fact I don't think I've reviewed a single one since starting this blog!), I do kinda like this combo though.

What are your feelings on matte nail polish?


  1. That's pretty on its own & then the matte makes it just a bit more edgy and interesting.

  2. I'm not a huge matte fan, but I wear them every now and then just for something different. I think I like this one better with the matte top coat. My favorite matte that I have is OPI's La Paz-itively Hot Matte. It doesn't look much like the original La Paz-itively Hot, but I love it. Even with a shiny top coat.

  3. I think matte colors are great! Especially if they are statement colors like hot pink or dark colors like purple. I agree with you that this combo looks better matte! :D

  4. I remember when Essie first put this collection out, and the only one that caught my eye was this exact shade (which for some obscure reason, I didn't pick up...what up with that?!) and even though it looks pretty hot on its own, I am totally grooving on your mattified version! It looks like slinky rubber...so understated & sexy, yet chic at the same time! Fab, fab, fab!!

  5. New Follower Here :D I stumbled upon your blog by reading the comments left on Mary's (SwatchAndLearn) post today.
    I like your nail polish swatches and I love this colour! How have I never seen it before!? I actually like the shimmer in it (but love seeing a matte top coat on different shades too).