Happy Halloween! My Bloody Manicure...

Do you do anything fun for Halloween?  I will be treking around our neighborhood tonight, trick or treating with my boys.  It makes me sad that they are getting out of the "cute" costume phase, and are now fully into the scary/creepy/dead things costume phase.  My youngest is still too young to argue, so he will be a pumpkin and that will keep me happy for now :D

I wanted to do a dark vampy look today...I took Julep's "Catherine" (a jelly red) and did one layer of that, then topped it with 2 layers of Wet n Wild's "Behind Closed Doors".  The result reminds me of coagulated blood (I'm pretty sure the only time that description is used in a positive light would be Halloween).

Here is 'Catherine' by herself:

You may remember, this is how 'Behind Closed Doors looked by itself (bleh!):

Combined, the sheer blackened base of 'Behind' transformed 'Catherine' just enough to make that perfect bloody color.  The added sparkle of the red hex glitter completed the effect I was going for:

I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out.  Are you wearing Halloween nails today?


  1. This is actually a perfect combination!!!! I love love loveee it for Halloween! It''s so unique and appropriate fro the holiday!!!

  2. How absolutely divine! This is a shade that will make even the great Deborah Lippmann wring her hands in regret that she didn't create it first! Love it...and Happy Halloween! Sure hope your boys bring home some major loot (Anna went trick-or-treating too, believe it or not!!)

  3. That turned out really well! I need to try this with mine.

  4. this is SO pretty, I need to try it!:]