Julep Vera Nail Polishes Pictures/Swatches

Hello!  Today I wore Julep's 'Vera' on my nails.  I ordered this one specifically because I could not find a swatch of it anywhere online! (other than the website, but I like to see them "on" to get a better idea). Hopefully this helps someone like me. Vera is a "luxurious sable brown" according to Julep.  It reminds me of caramel (side note; do you say car-AH-mel or CAR-mel?)....very warm & smooth looking.  This was two easy layers- no streaking at all.

I thought this would be a little close to Essie's "Case Study", and while there are similarities, they are definitely not duplicates :

I adore the way that Julep's polishes apply.  What do you think of Vera?  I love how shiny this  is!

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I have 2 Julep polishes and love them! The application and the quality is amazing.

    Btw I say car-AH-mel, but my husband says CAR-mel so the battle continues, lol!

  2. It looks great on you! You are a sneaky one Maribeth! Giving me a whole new appreciation for neutral polishes and thus more lemmings!

    I'm a weirdo; I saw caramel both ways. Just whatever happens to suit me at the time!

  3. This color is so beautiful! ♥


  4. I say carAHmel. This si actually kind of a cool color! A great neutral for fall as it has that dusty camel kind of appeal. Nice pick! I received gayle, malin, and the glow on on hand product yesterday and gayle has some staining on the bottle!

  5. This looks great on you Maribeth! And I say CAR-mel, but I think car-AH-mel when I'm writing it out and trying to remember how it's spelled. :p

  6. Looks so smooth/shinny. I hope mine looks the same way..waiting on my first box!

  7. Ah Maribeth, how I love those neutrals on you, and you rock them so well! This reminds me of the Fall Essie shade, Case Study....similar tone, no? As to the pronunciation, everyone in Canada pronounces is as it's spelled: CA-RA-MEL, myself included!