LA Girl "Bronze Medal" Nail Polish Plus Layering To Save A Polish From Being Exiled

So here is another color I picked up while grocery shopping.  In the bottle, "Bronze Medal" by LA Girl looked like it would be a great autumn-bronze shade. Instead, I was greeted with this:

 A sparse, watery mess!  This was 4 coats!  FOUR!!  I loathe any polish that makes me put more than 2 coats on, so when I realized this was going nowhere, I was disappointed.

I decided the only option I had was to try and layer this over another polish.  I put 2 layers of OPI's Onyx, a black creme, on and one layer of Bronze Medal.  I instantly felt better about this "crappy" polish.
Here is Onyx by itself:

And layered with Bronze Medal:

So my advice to you is this; if you have a polish that just isn't working for you, try pairing it with others.  You may be able to save it after all! A fun thing to do is pick 2 completely opposite type colors and see what happens when you layer...you could wind up with something wonderful.

Have a fabulous Thursday!


  1. I agree the sparseness is ridiculous!!! I wonder how it would look like layered over Julep's Gayle… ;) I would LOVE to see that!!! I think if you wanted to achieve the effect you saw in the bottle you could layer it over an existing metallic bronze. Sorry for your regret! XD

  2. EDIT- I need to learn to proofread before I hit "Post Comment"!

    It reminds me a little bit of a brassier version of Butter London Wallis, which I've been wanting forever! Metallic sparkles always look good against a dark base. I've been really good and haven't bought any polish while grocery shopping in a long time. I've run out of room in my Helmer for more nail polish, which stinks. But I've finally got my boyfriend to agree to buy me another next time we're near Ikea! So more nail polish, yay!

  3. iLadybird, oooh ...good call- I will try it with Gayle for sure!

    Jessi, would you believe that I still don't own a Helmer yet? It's on my christmas list!!

  4. I agree with Jessi in that this combo really does bring Wallis to mind! I also love how Onyx looks on its own; I know about you and your nudes, but I think you totally rock this black look! I still can't believe that it took 4 coats on its own...that's insane! It figures that YOU would turn this lemon into delish lemonade!!!

  5. Oh man, layering Bronze Medal over black definitely saved that one for sure. ^_^