OPI Designer Series (DS) Bold Nail Polish

I have not purchased an OPI Designer Series polish in a long while.  Then I saw my dear friend Eugenia review DS Bold (new for Fall!), and I knew I needed it!

The OPI Designer Series features a silver handle in place of a boring old black one.  The formulas on these are infused with diamond dust.  Fun fact: these were the first OPI polishes to feature the "Pro Wide" brush.  These typically run $2 to $3 more than a 'regular' OPI.

DS Bold is described by OPI as, "a brillant sparkle of rich, shimmering red".  Honestly, if I never read that description, I would not call this color red at all.  I can sort of see where they are going with that, but it looks more like a hot jelly pink, jam packed with silver and pink glitter.  It truly is a fantastic glitter and very holiday appropriate:

I love that this covered completely with only 2 layers.  It also dries very smooth to the touch and not gritty.  Speaking of drying, this glitter dries super fast!  


  1. Wow-wee. That is super pretty. I like that it is sheer enough to where the glitter stands out, but opaque enough to color your nails. Ugh, you're killing me with all these awesome polishes! I wish they sold this polish at the grocery store so I could hide it in with the rest of the food purchases! ;)

  2. Jessi, that's exactly it! If it's at the grocery store, its part of the grocery bill!! hahahahah SO true...

  3. I don't like this very much. The base is very nice but the glitter doesn't live up to an average DS polish. Do u think u could do an Apple inspired manicure in honor of Steve Jobs' death today? Thanks!

  4. Ooooh...iLadybird, that's a great idea! I will see what i can come up with!