Zoya *Jem* Nail Polish

Friday....the end of another week!  Can you believe that it is October already?  I sure can't.  Today I put on Zoya Jem, a beautiful shade from their Smoke & Mirrors (the Mirrors side to be exact) Fall collection.  I had originally skipped this one, but when I saw it in person, I changed my mind.  I feel like I have (or have had) something similar to it in the past, but I can't narrow it down.  It is still a pretty polish nonetheless.  Zoya says Jem is, "a dark red toned purple with metallic dark pink highlights and subtle gold duochrome flecks". Sounds unbelievable, right?  Of course the only thing I think of when I hear the name "Jem" is the 80's cartoon.  Here's a little history of my feelings for Jem:  When I was probably 8, my sister and I were at my best friend's house.  We had all recently acquired some paper dolls: my sis and friend got Jem ones, and I chose "Barbie and the Rockers".  Well, because there was a significant size difference (remember, even with the regular dolls- Jem was huge compared to Barbie!) my "best friend" declared that my lame Barbie and the Rockers paper dolls were not allowed to play with their Jem ones!  What a brat!  Anyhoo...onto the polish.  Here is a vast array of different shots I took in attempt to capture the flecks that make Jem so special:

Sometimes Jem looks like a regular purple...other times, she is a dark vampy shade.  If you are looking for a fab Fall color, you won't be disappointed with her!


  1. Love this! I can totally see how this color can match different styles!!

    xoxo Denise


  2. I love ZOYA! This is a beauty!

  3. Oh, Holy Wow! Now that is one intense shade! Like you, I too feel like I've seen that before (oh drat! now you have me about to attack my stash!), and yet even still, it's a stunning colour! I know how much you love your neutrals, girlfriend, but this shade is the total BOMB on you! Love this!!

  4. Ugh, I'm trying to convince myself I don't need this one because I need pretty much everything I see. My wishlist definitely does not fit my budget, haha.

    I'm not sure why I never watched Jem as a kid. Probably because my mom mostly let us watch PBS, haha. I loved Barbies, though. My best friend and I would have marathon Barbie sessions with one "story" lasting for weeks.

  5. Denise, it has multiple personalities! :)

    Nory, Zoya is in my top 5 of fav brands....they really are great!

    iLadybird, thanks!

    Eugenia, hahahah you always make me feel better about going outside my polish comfort zone!

    Jessi, hahaa a Barbie soap opera? And I totally hear you on your list not matching your budget!

  6. I just ordered this polish using the Zoya promotion today. I actually went to looks at the Zoyas in person and I chose this one twice, once in the Smoke and Mirrors rack and once in the regular one. Anyway, it looks great on you, I can't wait to own it for myself!