Color Club "Foiled" Nail Polish Collection (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

Here is another new nail polish collection from Color Club!  Foiled consists of 6 foil nail colors.  I tend to want to run in the opposite direction when I hear "foil nail polish", mainly because I hate the way the apply.  I usually find them to be streaky and weird, but these were a pleasant surprise, and applied smoothly.  Another thing about this type of polish- it shows EVERY imperfection on your nail.  My nails have been peeling BADLY, and these did nothing to cover that up.  Try to ignore that part in my pictures!

Onto the polish...

Perfect Mol-ten is a mint green foil:

Antiquated was my favorite; a soft gold foil:

Cold Metal is a medium blue foil and is super pretty:

Hot Like Lava was my second favorite.  I like the name too :D  It's a hot pink foil:

Foil Me Once is a light pink foil:

Lumin-Icent is an ice blue foil that borders on silver:

I was really surprised by how much I liked these.  They have great formulations and the color range is fun.  What are your feelings towards foil polish?  I think I would have *LOVED* these if my nails were in better shape and not peeling!


Thanksgiving Day Polka Dot Nails!

OMGz, I cannot even move.  I didn't think I was eating too much at the time, but in retrospect I may have overdone it just a tad.

For Thanksgiving day, I did some polka dots in different color combos.  I used mostly Julep polishes, plus a CND Effect (24K) and Essie's Very Structured:

L to R: Charlotte, Miranda, Catherine, Stella, Olivia, 24K Effect, Very Structured

I started with 2 layers of Julep's Olivia for the base:

Then, using a bobby pin dipped in polish, I did polka dots, layering some of the colors...

 My favorite dots were the yellow with the red middles :D

Hope you all had a very wonderful Thanksgiving!!


China Glaze Eye Candy 3-D Glitter Collection: Material Girl Nail Polish (Pictures/Swatches/Review)

I have a love/hate relationship with glitter polishes, as I'm sure many other people do too.  They look cool, but I hate how they "feel" once they are on.  Don't even get me started about removal either!  It still doesn't stop me from grabbing them immediately when I spot them in the store....I was checking out the display for China Glaze's new winter collection, Eye Candy, and decided I needed to get at least one.  I picked up Material Girl, which is a mix of rose pink microglitter, larger pink glitter pieces plus holographic hex glitter.  I really thought I would love this color pink, but it does not woo me at all.  Nice, but not show-stopping:

Between the painful hangnail I have on my middle finger and this color, I just wasn't happy with my hands :/
This was 2 layers of polish plus one layer of topcoat, and it was very scratchy and thick once it dried.  I couldn't help but pick it off afterwards!
Oh well, I'll live!  I hope you have a fantasmic Thanksgiving!  


Julep Penelope Nail Polish (Pictures/Swatches/Review)

Today I am wearing Julep Penelope!  I'll keep it short and sweet:  This applies beautifully and is opaque in only 2 layers.  Zero Streaking too!  Julep calls this "almost white with a hint of blush", but to me it is just a perfect pale pink that is super shiny and simply an awesome neutral:

Even though I own tons of colors like this, I will still keep it and love every second of it!  I would definitely reach for Penelope over other pinks that have a less than stellar formula.   I picked this up using a gift voucher from their Maven program (to read more about it, click here).  Julep= top notch!


Fab Franken Friday

Today I am wearing another polish made for me by my dear friend Jessi!  She knows how much I LOVE my nude polishes, and put special attention into this one.  It is PERFECT!  She mixed up a creamy nude and added holo-powder to it!  This is exactly what I wanted Butter London's Yummy Mummy to look like on me (it didn't).

Sugh (sigh +  ugh?).  Oregon is not the place to be when you want to take great pictures of holographic nails! We are actually moving back East soon, and the first thing I thought of was, "maybe I will get some sun to take good polish pictures with?".  Am I obsessed, or what?  :D  You can see a glimpse of the beautiful holo-y-ness on my pointer finger and in the bottle in this pic: (click to make larger)
In "regular", indoor lighting, you can see the pretty silver shimmer:

This color suits me to a "T"!  I am seriously enamoured with this polish. My pal took all of  my favorite things and smooshed them into one perfect little bottle. Jessi, you are the best!!!


Wet N Wild Ice Baby Collection "24 Carats" Glitter Nail Polish (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

If you are a nail polish fiend like me, or a frequent polish blog reader, I'm sure by now you've seen 1,000 pictures of the new Wet N Wild Ice Baby Collection (exclusive to Walgreen's).  Well, here is another one :D

This is 24 Carats, a mixed of small glitter mixed with bar glitter in different gold and copper tones.  While this is mostly gold, I love that the copper is thrown in there too; it really makes it super wearable for every skin tone:

This was 3 layers of polish and it covered pretty completely.  It dries slightly scratchy :/ but isn't the worst glitter I've worn.  I will put up with it since it is extremely pretty!


Hedy's ma.nish.ma. Holographic Nail Polish Plus LA Girl Glitter Addict in Eutopia

I picked up this nail polish at Rite Aid a little bit ago. The bottle says "Hedy's ma.nish.ma Holographic Nail Color", however- this really doesn't classify as a holographic polish at all in my book.  Don't you think there should be a law prohibiting companies from labeling polishes as "holographic" if they really aren't? (I'm looking at you, Essence!)  This one is named Blaster, and is still really pretty, although extrememly sheer.  It is a sort of light lavender purple with a light blue duochrome effect.  I refuse to do more than 3 layers of polish, so that is all I did here.  You can still see my nail line very much:

Next, I did 1 layer of LA Girl Glitter Addict in Eutopia on top.  This is a dark blue-ish/purple glitter that has small pieces mixed with larger hexagon pieces in a clear base.  LOVE this, as I do all Glitter Addict polishes!

Glitter Addict made me less mad about my non-holographic holographic polish.
There you have it, my nails for today.  How do we get a holographic nail polish labeling law put into place? ;-)


KleanColor Chunky Holo Purple Nail Polish Plus a Fantastic Franken! (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

Wow....I received the most unbelievably awesome nail polish package from my friend Jessi.  She sent me some pretty kick @$$ polishes she 'frankened' (mixed herself).  Here is one of them, a stunning purple with a stronge linear holographic shimmer:

Man! The weather in Portland today did not want to cooperate for pictures....it's rainy and overcast, but you can still make out the rad rainbow of holographicness:

My fab friend also sent me my first KleanColor Polish!  Chunky Holo Purple is nothing short of amazing.  Why have I never owned one of these before now???  I did 2 layers over my purple franken:

 You can even see some raindrops on my nails here ...proof I was braving the elements to try and do this justice! :D

Click on this one!

These polishes seriously put me in the greatest mood....SO pretty!  I want to order 1,000,000 more KleanColors!