China Glaze Eye Candy 3-D Glitter Collection: Material Girl Nail Polish (Pictures/Swatches/Review)

I have a love/hate relationship with glitter polishes, as I'm sure many other people do too.  They look cool, but I hate how they "feel" once they are on.  Don't even get me started about removal either!  It still doesn't stop me from grabbing them immediately when I spot them in the store....I was checking out the display for China Glaze's new winter collection, Eye Candy, and decided I needed to get at least one.  I picked up Material Girl, which is a mix of rose pink microglitter, larger pink glitter pieces plus holographic hex glitter.  I really thought I would love this color pink, but it does not woo me at all.  Nice, but not show-stopping:

Between the painful hangnail I have on my middle finger and this color, I just wasn't happy with my hands :/
This was 2 layers of polish plus one layer of topcoat, and it was very scratchy and thick once it dried.  I couldn't help but pick it off afterwards!
Oh well, I'll live!  I hope you have a fantasmic Thanksgiving!  


  1. Confession: I have ambivalent feelings towards glitter polishes too. I love how they look (that's the magpie in me speaking) but a) don't always think they're age-appropriate for me, and 2) hate the removal process. Even though some brands continue to refine that aspect of these polishes, the truth is that they can leave a real mess behind - not fun if you need to swatch other shades after that. I like the idea behind this colour; I just know if it's as spectacular as some others I've seen on you, but at least it doesn't clash with your skin tone! That being said, you still rock it well!

  2. I think you're right. It's nice, but not "OMG spectacular". It's still pretty though. =)

  3. You too! I hope you try those polka dot Thanksgiving nails I recommended and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!