Color Club "Back To Boho" Fall Nail Polish Collection (Swatches, Pictures, Review) Plus a Cosmetic Arts Glitter Polish

Here is a Color Club collection that came out back in early September.  I didn't really have any interest in it until fate brought me face to face with the last one at my local store.  I needed it!

This set is half of the entire collection, consisting of 6 creme polishes and one base coat.  All of the colors are very pretty, but maybe not extremely unique.  Here's what I did find unique about them; their formula.  All of them were super thin and watery formula-wise.  Usually I scoff at that, but I found it to be a plus in this case.  Thinner coats of polish= longer wearing and more chip resistance, especially when it comes to cremes.  Usually I tend to load up my brush with cremes, which then results in thick, peeling polish.  You have no choice with these but to apply 3 coats, but the longevity and the final results are worth it.

First, Nomadic Nude...a beige putty.  I found myself teetering between both wanting to buy this set for this color and also thinking, "Maribeth, ANOTHER nude polish?".  I'm happy I gave in because this is really a fabulous nude.  Different from my other nudes enough that I need it!  I will have to do a comparison later on with my neutrals:

Next, Earthly Angel.  This is a soft tan neutral hue that reminds me of a lighter version of Essie's Very Structured, a pretty burnt sienna:

Here is Shabby Drab, a fall periwinkle that is similar to Zoya Caitlin, only dustier.  Very creamy and pretty:

Next up- Rad Nomad (this name...ha!).  A dark grey-purple, this is somewhere between Zoya Pinta and Zoya Kelly:

Here is Red-ical Gypsy, a crisp blood red with a jelly finish:

I saved my favorite for last, New Bohemian.  This is an extremely pretty turquoise creme.  It's brighter than OPI's Mermaid Tears but is along the same lines:

Isn't she pretty?????

I also picked up an unlabeled Cosmetic Arts glitter.  I have no idea what this is called, but it looks like crushed glass.  I was horrified when I discovered how thick this was.  Seriously, it looks like hair gel with glitter mixed in:


I put one layer of this glitter on top of New Bohemian and I was surprised that not only was it pretty, but it dried to a smooth finish.  Go figure!

I really enjoyed the watery-ness of these polishes.  I always hate doing more than 2 layers of a polish, but these are well worth it.  Again, the colors are not unique (I think I compared each and every one to a close other that I own) but I still love them :D  That's a hoarder for you!

Have a super weekend!


  1. I just got this set too and I really loved it too! :)

  2. Maribeth, these are all absolutely stunning! And for some reason, several of them also reminded me of Essie's new Cocktail Bling Collection, but they're still different enough to warrant having them both (I'm horrible at justifying things, aren't I? LOL!!). I'm not surprised that top coat was so thick (seems to be expected for those types of lacquers, I think), but the effect was WOW!! Looks like shards of glass or ice embedded on the nail...love it! Fab, fab swatches!!

  3. The glitter reminds me of confetti!! Or sprinkles!!! It would go great over a hot pink as frosting or white also as frosting!!! Makes me think of cupcakes!!! LOL

  4. Nory, Isn't it awesome!?

    Marisa, These would look so great on your fabulous nails!

    Eugenia, I totally was thinking the same thing about the Essie set! Cancerian Power!! hahaha

    iLadybird, I love your suggestions!! They are also making me hungry ;)

  5. the Cosmetic Arts one looks like Color Club's Covered in Diamonds. The same company makes both I believe.